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Zootly CBD Jellies Sachet – Sour Apple (10mg)

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CBD Jellies are just the tastiest way to get your “hoot on”.

But let’s focus on the Sour Apple Jellies flavour!

The latest addition to Zootly’s Edibles range. You don’t want to miss out on the sour sweet taste that is packed in every single one of these jellies. One is never enough, as your taste buds will be begging for another. But don’t go eating too many, as these pack a punch – speaking of:

Each jelly contains 5mg of Broad Spectrum CBD, so they are perfect for a very mellow hoot. Recommended dose: 1-2 jellies per serving.

Sugar, Glucose, Gelatine (Beef), Flavours & Colourants, CBD, Citric Acid
THC: 0%



The Sour Apple CBD Jellies Sachet And Their CBD

Sour Apple CBD Jellies Sachet, now a solution to chilling on the go. Zootly only uses the best locally produced CBD. Also, the CBD infused in the jellies is a broad spectrum!

Could they (Zootly) have imported it? Sure, but then we could talk to them in person. Talking to people in person is one of our founders’ main business-to-business dealing requirements. They like to get to know them, what name is their favourite pet, and whether they remember the Pumpkin Patch theme song.

Right, the CBD. The CBD oil that we tested in a laboratory with people in white coats. Or, as most people refer to them, scientists. We like science and know it to be the truth. Because you know – it’s a fact! There is a dose of 10mg shared amongst the jellies. You can read more about CBD Dosage and Benefits here

Anyway! Guess we should talk about the flavour.

Sour Apple

While most will think we’re referring to the Tang shooter range – we’re not. Our Sour Apple refers to diesel or Sour Apple Diesel – the cannabis strain. So, there you have it! Our CBD Jellies in sachet! But if you want Tutti Fruity flavour! We have that!

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Box of 15, Single

9 reviews for Zootly CBD Jellies Sachet – Sour Apple (10mg)

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