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What Are The Differences Between Full, Broad, And Isolated South African CBD Products?

Well, well, well, it’s time that we look at the small print on those CBD products everyone is selling – INCLUDING US. While some of you might be asking, “How can I consume this product?” we’re sure we’ll be creating a blog about that too.For the eagle-eyed CBD user, there are a few terms being thrown around, such as:

  • Full Spectrum;
  • Broad Spectrum;
  • And CBD Isolate.

It’s worth noting that on the international market there are more options, but for now let’s just focus on South Africa.

But what do these terms mean? Can someone get Tito Mboweni to ask someone in government to define these terms?

Well, until that day comes, let’s get answers from our internal expert AKA Dr David – yeah, the ladies know who he is.

Full Spectrum

It may come as a surprise to you, but according to the professionals, full-spectrum actually includes THC… Which is currently illegal… So… Technically you should ask if they are giving it away, as you can’t sell products with more than 0,001% THC in them. 

“Full-Spectrum is considered to be the entire hemp plant,” says Dr David, “This actually includes the flower, which includes the THC and all 113 cannabinoids – which haven’t fully been studied.”

While purists will say that full-spectrum is the real deal, they also tend to live in the grey-zone of the law. It’s up to you, is the risk worth it?

Broad Spectrum

“As a whole, Broad Spectrum products are relatively new to the fledgeling CBD industry, but as a generalisation, it is considered to be the extract from the cannabis flower without the THC. It’s below the allotted total laid out by the temporary bill in South Africa,” says Dr David.

It’s worth noting that just removing the one cannabinoid takes cutting edge technology, which normally makes Broad Spectrum a little more costly. Is it worth it? You’re damn right it’s worth it. Currently, there are 113 cannabinoids and they all interact with the Endocannabinoid System (ECS) in your body.

Scientists are still researching the ECS, but they have concluded that it is responsible for a number of bodily functions. But that’s another blog* (*coming soon)…

CBD Isolate

Think of this as the white bread on your corner shop’s shelf. Highly refined, no risk, just plain bread. Hey, we’re biased, but as our doctor says,

“ CBD isolate is a product where the CBD is extracted from the cannabis flower and all the other endocannabinoids, leaving you with a pure CBD product.

This process is done in a laboratory, and honestly, no one knows how effective CBD is on its own without the other cannabinoids.”  

If you do want to play it safer, and cheaper (generally these products are made in high volumes), then the isolated CBD product is for you. But then again, we’re all about the brown bread, as it comes with fibre…

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, brown bread lover, and broad spectrum fan.
Quotes By: Dr David, handsome horticulturist, and cannabinoid expert. 
Zootly Says: “I don’t eat highly processed cheese or highly processed CBD because I’m an organic, farmer’s market, broad spectrum type owl.”

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