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CBD Chocolate

CBD chocolate covered strawberries! Because why not!

Chocolate covered strawberries are just the best. Nothing competes with the sweet crunch followed by those yummy strawberry juices. Except, maybe the fact that the coco goodness could be CBD chocolate.

Rather than taking you on a long winded culinary tour of the world, here’s what you need to make your CBD chocolate covered strawberries.

CBD chocolate strawberry ingredients:

Now, you could just buy loads of Zootly CBD Chocolate and melt that onto the strawberries – but that’s not how chefs do it!

CBD Chocolate

So, here’s how you go about being a proper chef with these chocolate strawberries!

Instructions, because you need them!

Box is optional…

Your first step is to line a baking tray with either foil or baking paper. Once that’s done, set it to one side.

Now, wash them strawberries and pat them dry. The last thing you want is that sandy crunch. Set these washed strawberries aside.

Grab a microwave safe bowl. As a rule of thumb a metal container or thin plastics are a no-no. Now, combine your chocolate chips and coconut in the bowl.

When combined, place the bowl into the microwave on a high heat for 60 seconds. After the 60 seconds stir the mixture together and put it back into the microwave for 30 seconds. Repeat this process until the mixture is smooth.

You’ll need to make sure that the temperature of the mixture is below 240 degrees, otherwise you’ll boil out all that CBD goodness! Once the mixture is smooth and runny with no lumps add in your CBD drops and stir.

Now you’re ready to dip those clean strawberries into the CBD chocolate. Make sure to allow the excess chocolate to run off before you place them to set on the baking tray.

The last step is to simply wait for them to harden and enjoy!

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