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Cannabis Steak

Cannabis Steak! How to cook it like a pro!

That’s right! We’re going to be cooking up a cannabis steak. Real meat! If you are vegan you can apply the same principles to your meat substitute.

We know that if you’ve grown your own killer crop of cannabis you want to cook with it properly.

What you’ll need for this fry is:

  • A gas braai or stove top
  • And a medium-sized pan
Cannabis Steak!

Then the shopping list you’ll need is:

  • 500g beef strip-steak (any type of steak will work)
  • Two tablespoon steak seasoning (dry)
  • One tablespoon butter (if you’re cooking in a pan)
  • Single tablespoon cannabis butter
  • And one teaspoon salt
Cannabis steak - South Africa

Now it’s time to cook your Cannabis Steak!

Firstly, bring your pan or grill to a medium heat. Put normal butter into the pan.

Cook your steak on medium heat for 3 minutes on each side. When you flip the steak, season the cooked side with steak spice!

Then cook for a second round of 3 minutes a side.

Now, turn the temperature on the braai or stove up to high! Then cook for 30 seconds on each side. And you’ve cooked the steak. Now it’s cannabis butter time!

For those not willing to break their backs over making cannabis butter you can get the MagicButter machine – here.

The last step is to spread the cannabis butter evenly on the steak and let it seep into the meat.

Don’t be tempted to flip it over too quickly. As you want that THC goodness to soak in and allow the steak to rest for a minute.

And once you’ve allowed it to soak and rest then it’s time to dine!

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