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Canna-I-Get-Some-Cannabutter! Here’s How You Can Make Your Own!

Right, as we’re not like those annoying lifestyle recipe sharing blogs – let’s just get to making cannabutter.

I feel like you know what it is, and honestly, you don’t need to hear my story about how I once made it – BLAH – BLAH – BLAH!

What You’ll Need To Make Cannabutter!

  • Butter (not margarine – it’s not cannamarg!);
  • and cannabis that’s been decarboxylated.

We’ve spoken about decarboxylation previously because you can’t get high from THCA, but here’s a quick recap.

Decarb Your Marijuana!

Bake Your Cannabis for Cannabutter

Right, preheat your oven to 120°C. Place your precious weed onto a non-stick oven tray. A tip is to use baking paper.

Now, shove that tray into the oven for around 30-40 minutes. If your weed is already a bit drier, it may need less time.

You can crank it up to 150°C and wait around 10-18 minutes – BUT – you really want it to bake nice and slow, preserving all those amazing cannabinoids.

Also, remember to turn the buds every 10 minutes as you want your cannabis to bake evenly.

Get Grinding

Yep, once the cannabis is decarboxylated, it’s time to grind it up. We’d suggest using our grinder.

You want a coarsely ground cannabis. Now for some cooking!

Melt Your Butter For Cannabutter!


When we say cooking, this is super basic stuff.

Add a cup of water and one cup of butter into a pan or pot. Put the plate on a low heat and just let it melt.

The water should help preventing the butter from burning.

As the butter begins to melt, it is time to sprinkle in your cannabis.

Now Comes The Real Simmer

As with the baking of the cannabis, you want to take this process slowly. A high heat will destroy all those cannabinoids!

So, keep the stove on a low heat (if you are blessed with degrees on your stove: 70°C) and let it simmer for 2-3 hours.

You will need to stir it occasionally.

And remember, if it boils, you’ll just be burning up all the cannabinoids!

Time To Strain!

Cannabutter and funnels...

Now, you might need to call your mom for a cheesecloth to help get the cannabis out of the cannabutter. A (clean) dishcloth works too. Make sure the owner of the dishcloth is ok with it being used this way (the writer’s wife would not be).

You can enjoy a crunchy butter, but we’re (the writer) not about that crunchy life!

Allow the cloth to strain freely and don’t squeeze it as you may impart a bitter taste to the butter.

Wait for the butter to cool off and pour it into a jar. Use a funnel to ensure that the butter goes where it should.

Stick The Cannabutter Into The Fridge…

Yeah, do what the headline says.

Just wait around an hour for it to solidify. And if the water does separate from the oil you can remove the butter with a knife.

And Now You Can Enjoy!

You are done!

We’d suggest exercising caution when using cannabutter, as the high can be… intense.


If you are concerned about overdoing it, there’s a great article about how to deal with an intense high.

Anyway – ENJOY!

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and cannabutter fan.

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