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Cannabis Cheese Sandwich

Getting Grilled With Cannabis Grilled Cheese!

The humble grilled cheese sandwich is marvellous. No one can say it’s something they’d like to avoid. Now you can enjoy an amazing cannabis grilled cheese sandwich!

Yes – dreams do come true!

But how does one prepare this melty-delicious snack? Well, there are a few items and ingredients you’ll need to prep. Even for a cheese sandwich!

What you’ll need for a Cannabis Grilled Cheese:

  • Pan
  • Or grilled cheese sandwich maker (if you’re fancy)

Then the ingredients for this sandwich are:

YEAH! We’re buttering this baby up! Now let’s get grilled!

Making the Marijuana Grilled Cheese Sandwich!

First thing you’ll want to do is to evenly spread the normal butter on the outsides of the bread. Then spread the cannabis butter on the inside.

Form the sandwich with the cheese in the middle.

On a medium heat, fry the bread and cheese until the cheese starts to melt, flipping until both sides are golden brown. This normally takes around 3 minutes a side.

This can vary depending on the stove.

And when you deem it fit – remove it from the heat and plate!

That’s it! You are ready to enjoy an amazing cannabis grilled cheese sandwich!

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