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Dazed Donna - Purple Merkel

Dazed Donna Reviews President Seeds’ Purple Merkel Cannabis strain

And she’s back! Dazed Donna is about to take us through all you need to know about President Seeds’ newest and hottest strain: Purple Merkel.

You can watch the video of the lovely Donna below this article!

“What’s up all you cannabis enthusiasts, you’re back with Dazed Donna from Zootly. 

Dazed Donna – Zootly’s Hoot of the day Reviewer

And on today’s Zootly’s Hoot of the Day we’re going to be reviewing another Presidents Seeds’ strain this happens to be the Presidency’s newest, AND hottest stain on the block: Purple Merkel. 

Taking a closer look at Purple Merkel

Opening up to Purple Merkle

Let’s have a bit of a closer look at you *deep breath of excitement*. 

Oooh my goodness gracious me! 

I’m matchy-matchy with her today – can you see – can you see. Oh, a gift that keeps on giving. 

She even leaves that sugary coated goodness on my fingers, *oooh*-my-goodness-lady! 

While you’re getting everything ready, I’m going to tell you a little bit about this lady’s genetic makeup. 

The Purple Merkel’s Genes

Got all the equip ready to rip some clouds.
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This lady gets her beautiful Indica dominant genes from the two legendary strains Grand Daddy Purple and Larry OG. 

She’s a rather medium to low bushy size grow, but what she lacks in size she definitely makes up for in her loads of resin-soaked buds. 

Let’s get grinding shall we!

[Refering to the aromas]

Definitely, like this berry blasting breath of fresh air. Almost like this blueberry smoothie that I make in the morning. 

Ooo, I cannot wait to taste you, I hope that you taste just as good as you smell.

Sugary and sweet on the exhale as well, she carries that blueberry flavour right through, from the moment you get her till the moment you smoke her. 

Merkel’s High!

Alright, getting over to the way this lady makes me feel.

Very relaxed Donna on the couch, we could say she's a little dazed...

I feel very happy, relaxed, not too sleepy, but I could definitely eat a little something-something, and I suppose that’s why she’s pretty popular with the – um – the medical users as well is because she helps for:

  • minor body aches; 
  • stress sleeplessness; 

And I’ve even heard, what was that other one, OH YES, she makes you a little bit hungry! 

So, I could definitely eat a little something – I think that’s what I’m going to be doing after this review.

So, whether you’re looking to just get dazed, or self medicate, Purple Merkel got you covered. 

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review. Until next time! 

Watch the review video here:

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