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Dazed Donna, The Queen Of Sheba, And Her Review

Dazed Donna Reviews President Seeds’ Queen of Sheba Cannabis Strain

Well-well-well, two alpha females in one review: Dazed Donna and President Seeds’ Queen of Sheba strain!

If you want to watch the entire review, scroll to the bottom of the article. For those who want to read it – let’s get to the review – shall we!

What’s up all you cannabis enthusiasts. 

Dazed Donna, dressed to slay!

You’re back with Dazed Donna from Zootly. And on today’s Zootly’s Hoot of the Day we’re going to be reviewing yet another President Seeds’ strain. 

Before I show you this absolutely drop-dead gorgeous goddess to my left I want you to hear her name, okay, ready: Queen of Sheba. 

Queen of Sheba_Feminized

Don’t her name make you feel like you’re about to board a magic carpet and soar amongst the clouds, maybe pick up some stardust, and have a chat to the man on the moon…

Dazed Donna escaping into her own reality of time and space.

Just me? Alright, enough about me, let’s move over to Sheba. 

Queen of Sheba’s looks

So, ladies and gents if you’ll have a nice look here with me you’ll see all these beautiful, gorgeous, trichomes, it sparkles better than a crown.

Wow, absolutely gorgeous! Okay, so, let’s have a look at her genes, shall we. 

She’s quite a dense lady, and if you’re like me the denser the better.

Definitely on the thicker side of life, but that’s thanks to her genetic makeup.

So, while you get all your essentials ready, I’m going to tell you a little bit about what makes this lady of the eons tick. 

The Queen’s Royal Line

This queen is made up of two legendary strains, Pink Panties, and Girl Scout Cookies. Her royal matriarch is 15% Sativa and a whopping 85% Indica. 

I think the President knows I prefer Indica. She is a rather easy grow President Seeds was also very surprised by this, she is a medium to low, but bushy grow, 

But, what she lacks in her size she definitely makes up for in her loads of resin soaked buds. 

Getting a bit of a mango-ey… a melony, like a fruit salad kind of bowl here guys, it’s really quite nice.

Queen of Sheba Is Getting Lit

She definitely tastes citrusy which is really nice. I prefer a sweet sugary tasting doobie on the exhale so that was absolutely stunning. 

The Royal Highness!

I feel rather relaxed, like my body is slowly unwinding with every minute that passes. And a bit of a creative flair happening somewhere in the back of my brain. 

Dazed Donna spacing out of time.

I feel like my muscles are all relaxing.

So, I hope you enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed doing it.

And Until next time on Zootly’s Hoot.

Thank you for joining me.

Watch the full review below:

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