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It shouldn’t come as a surprise but Zootly stocks all the best bongs and rigs! Like if you were looking anywhere else, you started your search in the wrong place!

So welcome!

What brands do we stock?

Well, we’re glad you asked!

Envy Glass Bongs and Rigs!

Yes! Envy Glass Design studio is situated in Southern California. We currently stock a number of Glass Beakers and Glass Rigs!

These beauties are something to hold and behold! With the hands and the eyes!

They’re all made using only the highest quality Borosilicate glass. This means they are tough and easy to clean.

What else do we stock in this subsection?

Eyce Bongs!

Super advanced and created for the cannabis fan on the move the Eyce range really pushes the realms of possibilities.

This is especially true with the Eyce Mould 2.0 which allows you to create an ice bong. Not just the usual pinched neck, but the actual whole bong is ice.

Then the plastic is FDA approved and food safe, which is good news as you’ll be smoking out of them.

What if you’re not into glass or plastic?

Zootly’s Ceramic Bong!

These handmade ceramic bongs are truly one of kind. As it is ceramic you don’t need to clean the chamber as often when compared to glass.

And it’s also something that the parents or in laws might confuse for a vase. So, if you’re looking to keep your habit discreet, this is the bong for you!

But Zootly also decided that we wanted to create a range of rad glass bongs!

Also of our glass bongs have been designed by a local artist.

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