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How to Germinate Your Seeds Using Cotton Pads

How to germinate your seeds correctly using cotton pads?

It is important to use cosmetic cotton pads as they will hold the correct moisture content which is best for seed germination.  If using paper towels, cotton wool or tissues you will run a higher risk of your seeds not germinating due to the incorrect moisture content.

What you will need to germinate your seeds using the cotton pad method:

  • Cosmetic cotton pads – from your local pharmacy.
  • A kitchen plate.
  • A fine mist spray bottle.
  • Cling wrap.
  • Good quality seeds.

Follow these steps to germinate your seeds correctly:

Step 1:

Place your cotton pads on plate and then gently place your seeds on the pads without overcrowding, you shouldn’t have more than 3-5 seeds per cotton pad.

Step 2:

Lightly mist the seeds with your spray bottle until the cotton pad is moist but not oversaturated.

Step 3:

Lay another cotton pad on top of your cotton pad and then gently mist with your spray bottle again being sure not to over saturate the pad.

Step 4:

Cover the plate with cling wrap and place your plate in a cool and dark cupboard with a relatively constant temperature of around 20 degrees Celsius.

Step 5:

Check your seeds after 3 days.  Once the roots are 2-5cm long it is time to plant the seedlings into a good quality soil. Some seeds can take up to 10 days to germinate so be patient.

Step 6:

Transplant the seedling into the correct soil mix. Make sure your soil is damp, use a pencil to make a small hole in the soil and plant your root down but make sure the head of the seed stays above the soil. Your seedlings are then ready to move into the sun or your grow room under a vegging light cycle of 18/6. It is important to keep your soil damp from here on out.

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