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Bulldog Presses Rosin Press – 5 Ton

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About 5 Ton Bulldogpresses (S110)

Weight 18kg
Hight 420mm
Width 190mm
Breth 110mm

Plates (10mm Thick)
Hight 28mm
Width 110mm
Breth 90mm

*Only 1 magnet to go with 5 Ton Press.


The Bulldog Press 5 Ton does what is says, it presses cannabis at a pressure of 5 tonnes! When you consider that the average hippopotamus is 4.10 tonnes that’s a lot of weight!

Now, this is a locally made product and is has a lifetime warranty, which means they have to be pretty confident in their product. Where does this confidence come from?

Bulldog Presses Materials!

It’s all about how this device’s amazing materials! The chassis of this machine is made of 10mm thick precision laser cut steel, with interlocking sides! That’s a lot of steel. Pretty sure you could take that example “hippopotamus” we mentioned earlier and stand it on this thing!

But don’t, hippos are dangerous.

And if you were wondering about the welding points well, both the top and the bottom of this press has 20mm steel to reinforce the press.

Now, let’s talk about the pressing plate. After all, if you want the best rosin from your homegrown bud, you need heat!

The Heat Is On!

The Bulldog Press comes with a solid high quality aluminum plates. These plates have thermocouple and cartridge heater, which ensures that the heating is distributed evenly! So, nice and toasty! How hot can these plates get – bloody hot – up to 1300°C.

Now, how do you control 5 tonnes of hydraulic system? with a PID controller! Which is easy to use! It literally self adjusts, and it comes with high luminance LED display!

But why would you invest in a Bulldog Press? Simple – best quality rosin!

Why Get The Press?

If you want solvent-free concentrate in your vape pen – then you want to press your marijuana yourself! After all, those who use butane or ethanol for their rosin production are far more common than you think! So, do it the natural way… not sure how this would take place in nature, but you can’t milk an almond so there! Get on the organic bandwagon!




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