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DynaVap “B” Dry Herb Vaporizer

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Introducing The “B” – DynaVap’s newest vaporizer creation, designed and refined for those looking to shift away from combustion to a healthier alternative at a cost that is accessible to all.

The “B” includes a new-style of Stainless Steel Tip, featuring our first single fin design for quick and simple extraction. The food-grade silicone stem boasts an airport and a 10mm tapered mouthpiece for use with or without glass.

The “B” is composed of only 5 parts and made of only 2 materials: Stainless Steel Captive Cap, Tip, Condenser, CCD, and a Silicone Stem.

Technical Features:

  • Tip chamber is optimized for extraction efficiency
  • Food-grade silicone stem
  • 10mm tapered mouthpiece
  • O-ring optional design for easy assembly and disassembly
  • Silicone stem features pentagonal anti-roll design and tip elevation geometry
  • Condenser can be adjusted to customize airflow and cooling
  • Tip is backwards compatible with DynaVap devices and accessories

Benefits of the DynaVap “B”:

  • Low Cost of entry
  • Upgrade path for those wishing to further enhance their experience
  • Ease of getting dense vapor from the first hit to the last
  • Extend longevity of your stash

*The “B” is not compatible with the DynaCoil
*Fitment with wood Stashes varies


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Designed for those who are new to the cannabis world and would prefer a micro-dose, the DynaVap “B” dry herb vape is exactly what you need!

Yes, this is the gateway vape for the cannabis world, your curious granny, eager uncle, or stressed-out mother because her entire family now enjoys marijuana… and has caved to peer pressure… dry herb vape. Wow, that got dark…

ANYWAY! More about the DynaVap “B” Dry Herb Vaporizer!

More About DynaVap “B” Dry Herb Vaporizer

As to quote the manufacturer of this device…

“Not all dry herb vapes are built alike. And we like to do things a little bit differently. Our vape pens are battery-free and combustion-free.

We’re not sure how much more you want to hear from them, the brand… A LOT YOU SAY! Here’s more quotes!

Our battery-free technology allows for efficient heating so less truly is more. We recommend a butane torch lighter or Induction Heater for optimal flavour and vapour quality.

God, they love doing the entire product run down. We’re just stocking it for South Africans. You can also buy something else in our vape section.
But if you’re feeling lazy and not looking up all the product stats we’ll share them now. Now, can you get all the way off our back!

More About This Product

I would mention this product’s name but the SEO software wants me not to… as I’ve already mentioned them too many times! DAMN YOU GOOGLE!

Right, these pens don’t come with a battery or electronics that will heat up your herb. Ok, so you will be using a butane torch light to heat a temperature indicating cap on the conduction and convection chamber, that holds the herb.

The pen then does some filtering and pushes the vapour down a condenser. We’d had called this a fancy pipe, but the company wants us to say it is a vaporizer.

Whatever, we think it is a lovely fancy pipe. It works. Your family who want to experiment will get how it works – as it is a fancy pipe.

Yes, it is rather nice pipe. Wish I had one… writer makes PostIt note for his wife to read on the fridge door.


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