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Eyce Mould 2.0

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The unique design of the Eyce 2.0 delivers an unparalleled smoking experience. Broken glass and cleaning are a thing of the past.

SMOOTH: Cold smoke, is smooth smoke. Our silicone mold creates an all ice chamber that cools smoke to an astonishing -3 degrees Celsius.

FUNCTIONAL: Designed by computer hardware engineers, Eyce 2.0 is much more than a novelty, it is a functional revolution.

LEGIT: Eyce combines the benefits of glass, silicone, and plastic, to invent an original way to smoke. Our technology has been available to consumers for over 4 years.

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The Eyce Mould 2.0 is so cool its ice! For all those looking to relax and… chill this is your bong! 

Yep! It is revolutionary! The bong mould creates an ice pipe that cools smoke to an astonishing -3 degrees celsius! 

But how does this magic happen with the Eyce Mould 2.0? Well – TECHNOLOGY AND SCIENCE!  

Eyce Mould 2.0

Using silicone compounds to their best potential the boffins at Eyce realised that they were onto something. It’s worth a mention that the silicone is made from a high quality food grade, which is approved by the American FDA (Food and Drug Administration).

Also, due to it durability (the silicone is rip-proof) it’s the bong range to bouncing around between a variety of groups of cannabis fans – INCLUDING – athletes, busy professionals, college students, and travelling adventure enthusiast*. 

*Or a we’re just trying to say – influencers. INFLUENCERS LOVE EYCE! And we can’t fault them! 

Also, the Eyce Mould 2.0 comes with a lifetime warranty. As well as the ENTIRE Eyce RANGE

And because it uses heavy duty platinum-cure silicone mould, and an airtight grommet, as well as diffused down stem, this thing pulls like nothing you’ve ever smoked! And if you’re smoking your own supply, then you want something special! 

Now that we’ve talked it up! Let’s tell you what you get for your cash!

What do I get? 

 The Eyce Mould 2.0 comes with loads of extras, including delivering that icy hit of sweet cannabis! 

In the package you get: 

  • Heavy Duty Platinum-Cured Silicone Mold
  • Core Pin
  • Stand with built in finger grip
  • Mouth Piece
  • Air Tight Grommet
  • Diffused Down Stem
  • Silicone Plug
  • Detailed 6 Page User Manual

Anything more and we’d be handing you the keys to our car! Really is the entire package for ice bonging. Then again, it’s the only REAL ice bong in South Africa! Also, because it’s ice, there’s no cleaning required. BONUS!


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