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Zootly Beaker Bong – Black Downstem

5.0 (3 reviews)


Add a bit of colour to your bong game with the Zootly Bongs with coloured bowl and downstem. Available in black, orange and white.
If none of those colours strike your fancy, be sure to check out our range of coloured downstems.


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It’s time for a new bong man. The one you have just isn’t the same anymore, does it even have a coloured bowl and downstem? No need to feel insecure anymore, Zootly has you covered. This bong hits good, and even when you’re not using it, it makes for a great display piece.

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3 reviews for Zootly Beaker Bong – Black Downstem

  1. Rayan (verified owner)

    Perfection 😍

  2. Stephan Swanepoel (verified owner)

    My first thought was: This thing is deceptively huge – and good golly is the glass thick.

    A really solidly designed piece of glass that feels great to hold and draw from. Bonus points for the ice catcher (I used those cylindrical “water bottle” ice sticks) which keeps the smoke nice and smooth.

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Probably one of the best bongs at this price.

    The down stem in black along with the single black logo makes the bong look super clean. Way better than the conventional sticker slapped bongs you get at your local stores.

    The glass itself is maybe around 7-8mm which is super thick, your floor might crack before this bong.

    The bong was super well packaged along with all the extra goodies as well.

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