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PAX Half Pack Oven Lid

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PAX Half Pack Oven Lid. Compatible with PAX 2 and PAX 3. Which is nice of them, I mean some tech companies just don’t share their advancements between models. Looking at you big fruit mobile device company!

Now, this is a deeper oven lid for a half-filled oven load.

Wish there was more to say but that’s it.

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The Half Pack Oven Lid for the PAX 2 and PAX 3 vaporiser allows you to pack your vaporiser’s oven only half of its normal capacity. The lid is deeper than the standard one and does not fit the format generation PAX.

This means, when you fit your device with the half pack oven lid, you don’t need to empty out your entire stash in one sitting, you can enjoy just small little tokes.

Perfect for micro-dosing sessions where you just need to take the edge off. .

If you’re worried about a smaller chamber burning the herb, no need to stress as the PAX 2 and 3 comes with patented heating technology which ensures nothing is burnt.


What else can we say about this lid? Well, it fits nicely. Looks as good as the entire unit.

And if this thing was rattling at the bottom of a drawer in the kitchen no one would know what it was!

So what does this half pack oven lid offer?

  • Perfect micro dosing
  • An easier solution than doing it yourself
  • Helps you cut down on usage
  • And ready to use




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