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Grodan Rockwool Cubes

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40mm x 40mm Grodan rockwool cube perfect for propagation


Well done you, you, “wealthsmith”! You’ve found one of the cheapest items we stock on our website – the Grodan Rockwool Cube! The other cheapie on our website are the Jiffy pellets

But what does your R2 get you when you stack a million and one of the Grodan Rockwool cubes? 

Grodan Rockwool Cubes Are Propagation Gold! 

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking at rooting a cutting, or growing your cannabis plant from seed, these rockwool cubes are brilliant. And knowing when to transplant your plant has never been easier, it’s something you can see with your own eyes, when the roots start appearing out the sides. 

They also have an amazing capacity to store water, while allowing for oxygen to reach their roots, which is the golden standard when it comes to growing healthy seedlings. 

Healthy roots, means a strong plant, and in turn you reap a huge corp. 

The producers of these cubes are more focused on the potential of using rockwool for agricultural purposes, and the use in vertical farming. But what revolutionises the horticultural world helps the cannabis world! 

So, if your mom has some seeds for her dandelions, why not give her a few blocks! I mean, she gave you LIFE! 

Right, what other benefits are there to Grodan Rockwool cubes? 

Other benefits

The fibers in these cubes can be made for certain plants to ensure their roots don’t tangle. And because their product is ethically sourced no environmental harm is done to Mother Nature during the manufacturing process – BONUS! 

And to answer a frequently asked question, 

No, you don’t need to remove the plant from the block ever! It can grow with the plant throughout its entire lifecycle. 

So, we can only assume after reading this entire blurb you want to order like a 100! Do it! And set some aside for your gardening parents. 


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