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Quartz Banger (Male)

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For those looking to enjoy their nicely pressed rosin you’ll need an amazing Quartz Banger to enjoy it! After all, if you’ve grown this supply from scratch you’ll want to enjoy all the flavours. So, what is a Banger? Why is it male?

Answering questions about the Quartz Banger

So, what’s the difference between a standard quartz nail and a banger? Well, with the latter you have a nice bend in the glass that helps move the heat of your torch away from your rig. This means you’re water pipe doesn’t under go the intense heat stresses and premature cracking.

Also! A Quartz Banger’s larger cup can fit more concentrates in it.

Now let’s talk about how this fits in!

How does this all fit together?

This Banger is male. Which means it fits into a female rig. So, think of it as the birds and the bees… yes it is as dirty as you imagine it being. *LOLS


It has a functional design that would make Steve Job’s take a second glance! It’s design allows for ample space between it and the dabbing rig. As we mentioned this extends the life of the unit. Which is a bonus in anyone’s books.

Then the banger has been made from the highest quality quartz and is ready for your next session.

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2 reviews for Quartz Banger (Male)

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