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Zootlys Nest

5.0 (5 reviews)


Set yourself up for greatness with the Zootly Nest, the all-in-one growing kit. Your Zootly Nest comes with an instruction manual and all the nutrients you’ll need, measured out to a T, to grow your best bud, the first time round.

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Right, so you’re either new to the cannabis growing world, or you’re an expert who can’t be bothered to scroll through our Zootly Grow section. It doesn’t matter who you are! You want to know more about the amazing all-in-one grow pack: Zootly’s Nest! 

But let’s talk about how this came to be! 

Who Made Zootly’s Nest? 

You might be surprised that an owl didn’t make this nest, no, our in-house horticulturist, Dr David, did the hard work. A recent graduate of everything green, he went on a long journey sourcing all the best products for this grow package. 

It’s also worth mentioning that he also jotted down all his growing tips in a complimentary grow guide. Because Dr David is a good guy. But now that we’ve told you who is responsible for compiling this package, what’s inside? 

What’s Inside!  

To be honest, we gave Dr David a lot of freedom when sourcing the bits and bobs for this all-in-one cannabis grow-kit. We were going to ask him questions, but then we decided to go with the professional’s advice – who went wild with the COMPANY’S CARD. HE IS A BUDGET LUNATIC! 

Inside Zootly’s Nest is:

You can also purchase most of these items separately, and we’d strongly recommend checking out President Seeds for the best seeds!


5 reviews for Zootlys Nest

  1. Frederico420

    Great service received from Zootly. My first 3 plants are growing nicely. The staff answered all of my billions of questions knowledgeably, and with a smile. Will definitely recommend to all and sundry

  2. Gerald

    Super stoked with my Zootly Nest. I’ve been growing outdoor for a while but this is by far my best setup. Cant wait to see what my plants look like.

  3. Shaun (store manager)

    Grew two Zootly Nests and harvested 55grams per plant. Have just ordered another two, Cant wait.

  4. RJ

    Awesome product to start with!

  5. Reza Lawrence (verified owner)

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