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Zootly stocks South Africa’s best cannabis, marijuana, dagga (whatever you call it) edibles! This is the Zootly Taste Section!

 What A Lot of CBD Chocolate We’ve GOT!

 We’ve been searching for the best, locally made, CBD products to enjoy! Stocking amazing gourmet caramels like Canache, which are CBD infused salted caramels.

 Also, stocking Thrive Hemp Chocolate, which is deemed to be the artisan cannabis chocolate. Think hippies in the woods bush, twigs in the woods, creating pure joy in marijuana chocolate form!

 We also have our own amazing Zootly CBD Chocolate, and as we say in the write-up, this is only for oral use… Why we stated this on the packaging is a bit concerning!

 And if you must know, we also stock a remarkable product called The CBD Bomb. What does it do? Well, it’s a shot of CBD! For when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by life or aches and pains.


 CBD Candies! Taste that Cannabis!

 It shouldn’t be surprising that we stock a lot of candies! Zootly’s range of Bon-Bons and Lollipops are a must have! We enjoy them a lot, especially if we’re having a stressful day, not sure what that looks like, but WE HAVE THEM!

 Then Whoomph CBD gummies are also just a yummy fruity treat for those looking to cut off that extra stress. And it’s chewy!

 But you know what else is edible? Drinks! Whoa, that was another bad segueway!

 CBD Drinks Taste Awesome!

 We were as surprised as you to learn that people are mixing CBD with coffee. But the combo is great. Just that mellow pick-me-up you need.

 Zootly proudly stocks the entire Medspresso range, including their Rooibos pods. And as their name suggests, the pods are Nespresso compatible.

Also, the capsules are compostable. If you want more information, you can literally click through to the product’s descriptions. Gosh!

Taste Cannabis! Zootly offers chocolates, candy, and edibles!

Zootly Taste offers South Africans the opportunity to indulge in the best tasting cannabis edibles! Go on – taste cannabis! 

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