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africanpure Unwind Vape – 250mg CBD

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Organic CBD blended with coconut-derived MCT oil and infused with natural flavour, promoting a feeling of calm and relaxation to reduce stress and anxiety.

Flavour: Strawberries & Cream


For those looking to vape away their stresses, the africanpure Unwind CBD vape pen is for you.

It’s described on their website as being, “a great way to enjoy the wonderful anti-anxiety and pain fighting effects of CBD.”

We agreed with this statement so much we decided to stock their disposable pens in our store. Also, they’re our neighbours further down Kloof!


Anyway – vaping in the benefits of CBD also means it gets to work quicker, one of the reasons our oils are spray applicators. For those who are interested, this is an isolated CBD that is mixed with coconut butter.

Now, for those of you who might not know the amazing potential of CBD, they are varied and include:

  • Helping with joint pains;
  • Correcting poor sleep cycles;
  • Addressing cardiac diseases;
  • Sharpening brain functions;
  • Helping mood improvements;
  • And more.

Let’s talk about this pen! The africanpure Unwind has been coupled with yummy-yummy strawberries and cream flavours, specially formulated for it! This means you’re guaranteed a delicious experience, which will help to unwind from your stresses and give you the relaxation to deal with your daily tasks.

Let’s talk about how much CBD you should be taking in!

africanpure Unwind suggested serving

We’d strongly suggest sticking to the guidelines, while there’s no evidence of an overdose of CBD – let’s not tempt fate, shall we?!

Two three-second puffs per dose should be enough for a single session. Don’t be a hero and exceed 24 puffs per day (20mg CBD).

And the africanpure Unwind CBD vape pen lasts approximately 12 days. Which is fair amount of time if you ask us!

Also, as we mentioned earlier in this product write-up, vaping allows for quick, easy to access intake, as well as being a very accurate way of CBD dosing.

All-in-all, this disposable device facilitates a discreet, portable CBD experience.

A large benefit with using this product is that it doesn’t contain nicotine or any tobacco derivatives.

If you were concerned that this pen doesn’t come with a manual – don’t stress – this disposable vape pen comes self-contained and ready to use.

It is a bit of a shame that it is not refillable at the moment. If you are looking for other reusable vapes, why not look, here!


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