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Craft Soil - Freedom Farms

Why Craft Soil is Worth It!

It might take some newbie growers by surprise, but good craft soil is an investment. After all, if you’ve purchased feminized seeds you want to ensure that they get the best start to their life.

But what goes into this mystical dirt? Is it unicorn tears? The simple answer is no, but it contains some amazing elements. And there’s real science behind it. To be honest, the best people in the soil business are Freedom Farms.

So, what is part of their process of creating superior cannabis soil? Well… let’s find out!

The Craft Part!

For those new to the whole horticultural world, soil is just soil. But you’d be completely wrong. As with many things in life it is a product that is a sum of its parts, in this case, ingredients.

With the Freedom Farm’s Organic Classic blend there’s a long list, which includes:

  • Coco Coir;
  • Worm Castings;
  • Compost;
  • Perlite (10%);
  • Vermiculite;
  • Volcanic Rock Dust;
  • Bone Meal;
  • Gypsum;
  • Fermented Probiotic Bran;
  • And Organic Nutrients.

That’s a pretty long list, some may argue that there’s more ingredients in this soil when compared to a famous clown’s junior cheeseburger.

The ingredient to focus on is the fermented probiotic bran, or what some will tell you is called bokashi.

Bokashi bran sometimes retails around R100 for a kg. And this bag is 20kg. Also, worm castings are always difficult to come across as you need to battle a worm farmer for them. Normally, they toss it around the garden like a drunk tosses around cash at a two for one hour!

“Jesus, you do it once and everyone remembers!”

Andrew Macfarlane functional alcoholic and sucker for a good drink deal

Now, what do all these things do? Well, in short, they promote good root health.

Craft Soil for Root Health

The guys over at the Farm that’s Free have made it their focus to create soil that is perfect for root health. 

You need your soil to be able to hold water and nutrients while being loose enough to allow enough air to the roots. A soil that compacts is one that will choke your plant’s roots, killing it off.

Finding this balance will automatically make your plant grow better. Also, with good probiotics, or living soil, your plant will benefit from all the tiny microbes! Craft soil is teeming with these beneficial soil microorganisms.

And finally, it is pH balanced to ensure that your plant doesn’t get a shock. As you can imagine biting into a lemon isn’t always the best experience…

“Unless there’s tequila!”


“Shut-up Andrew you’re drunk!”

Zootly the owl!

It’s the mixture of all these elements that make craft soil worth it. And if you’re still not sure, just put your hand into it.

You can feel the difference.

From the zootly Shop

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