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No indoor cannabis growing setup is complete without a grow tent or tents.

In the beginning, the Zootly crew put out their feelers into the cannabis world for the best tents. But found nothing. 

Thus, the Zootly Grow Tent range was created. We don’t like to brag, but the Zootly crew thought of everything. 

Our range of free-standing tents come with 19mm powder-coated steel frames, which makes them sturdy as f*#k.

Nothing’s worse than a flimsy and wobbly tent. 

The ruggedness doesn’t stop there. Zootly knew that this tent had to be hardcore, down to the zipper. 

Selecting the best industrial zippers, the seal is firm. And with the zipper cover, it means there’s no light leakage.

On the outside is an easy-viewing window. So, there’s no need to ruin the temperature of the tent. We know that you’ll be constantly checking on your plants. 

The entire tent is lined with 168od thick, reflective, diamond-shaped mylar material. AKA: it’s shiny. 

It should also be mentioned that the lining is mould resistant and washable. 

For ease of installation, our tents have a drawstring in the roof. This allows the grower to install ventilation ducts to control the temperature as well as carbon filters.

If you haven’t budgeted for these elements, no need to stress. The drawstring creates a super tight seal. 

And let’s not forget the lights. Our tents come with removable overhead railings and straps, which makes it easy to install California LightWork LEDs! 

The floor is a separate hard plastic tray to make sure that no accidental spills sink into the carpet. 

Finally, the entire Zootly Grow Tent is puncture, water, mildew, and fire-resistant. So, give it your best shot!

For those who are concerned, yes, there’s an instruction manual as well.

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