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Hello Cannabis Growing Fans – this is Zootly’s all-in-one-kits page! 

So, you’ve officially found the best place on the web to purchase your all-in-one-cannabis-marijuana-dagga-whatever you want to call it grow-kit!

We’ve combined the best growing gear for your experience level, how much you want to grow, as well as your budget. The crew at Zootly understands that budget is one of the biggest drivers when it comes to choosing your all-in-one-kits. 

Yeah, you can dream of having a large lighting rig, but can you afford to hang it in your mom’s spare room? If the answer is no, then DON’T BUY THE Large Grow Tent Setup with SolarXtreme 1000

If we could maybe suggest an entry level, Small Grow Tent Setup with 100w Quantum board

Otherwise it will make her mad. But if you’re able to empty half your living room out for the setup or have a dedicated space – GO FOR IT! It’s awesome. 

If you’re not that keen to buy an entire setup for the inside of your home than you can settle for the outdoor starter kit – OR – Zootly’s Nest! 

Sure, it’s great for beginners, but it’s also amazing for experts as it has all the ingredients you need! Including a little present… 

This is the place to purchase your all-in-one-cannabis-grow-kits! Take a look through our amazing range here! Do it now! Like NOW!

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