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Holy Roly Envelope

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It the first of its kind in Southern Africa! And Zootly is excited to offer it to those looking to reduce their intake of tobacco in joints!

The ingredients include:

  • Imphepho,
  • Sceletium,
  • Buchu,
  • Leonotis Leonurus,
  • Sage,
  • And Honeybush.

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Zootly is proud to sell another innovative and naturally South African product, the Holy Roly Envelope.

Holy Roly originates from the Garden Route and uses indigenous plants (fynbos) in their herbal mixes.

Holy Roly’s creator is a herbalist who grew up learning the intimate secrets of the surrounding flora, and over time, became a master of all the native plants in the area and their intrinsic values.

You can enjoy the  Holy Roly Herbal Rolling Mix:

  • on its own,
  • as a substitute for tobacco,
  • or even with some organic hemp flowers!

Why use envelopes?

They are slim and can easily be slipped into a pocket. You could tuck them between the pages of your favourite book!

All the packaging in the range is ECF and FSC certified and is completely free of plastic.

All the ingredients are all locally sourced from the Garden Route and Northern Cape. These non-addictive ingredients include:

  • Imphepho*,
  • Sceletium,
  • Buchu,
  • Leonotis Leonurus,
  • Sage,
  • And Honeybush.

The Holy Roly Envelope is a first of its kind in Southern Africa, and if you are currently looking at reducing your tobacco intake, this is the alternative with less negative health effects.

We also stock the Holy Roly Terpenes! But if you’ve grown some amazing homegrown, these envelopes are for you!

*Impepho is a grassland ingredient that we harvest by hand. We make sure to only remove the top ~5cm of the fresh leaf.  Leaving the plant rooted, intact and stimulated for additional growth.



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