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Jiffy Pellet

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Jiffy pellets are used extensively by growers all over the world to propagate a wide variety of seeds and cuttings. The pellets are made of coco-peat.


Hey there! You have officially found the cheapest item in the Zootly Store – Jiffy Pellets!

So, I Guess Congratulations! 

Before you order a few for the grow box, here are some facts!

What Are Jiffy Pellets Made From?

The pellets are compressed cocopeat. And if you are wondering,

“What is the white fabric around the cocopeat?”

It is biodegradable netting, so there’s no need to worry, your cannabis plant’s roots will easily grow through it.
This net also helps to keep the peat contained.

During the manufacturing process, the pellets are checked, and checked again, to ensure that they are of a consistent pH.
Also, they sprinkle in some fabulous fertilizer/nutrients to ensure that the seedlings and cuttings get the best start to their life.

In addition, you can use these in soil or hydroponic systems.

Now, these pellets are super easy to use. This being said…

How To Use The Pellets

First things first, remove your pellets from its packaging. Then, add water to them. You can choose to place them into a tray, or in a system with overhead sprayers. But once the water is added the peat will expand.

Once they’re completely expanded, you can then put the seed or cutting into the pellet.

Remember that these cocopeat pellets require less water than organic soil. And no need to add any nutrients for the first week as they have fertilizer embedded into them.

If you’re still undecided about whether you should order like a hundred, here’s the official list of advantages of using Jiffy Pellets:

  • Easy to use;
  • No need for a pot;
  • Easy to replant and move when rooted;
  • Better germination rates;
  • Better survival for the roots when established;
  • Netting keeps the cocopeat from falling into hydroponic systems;
  • And no plastic used.

Now that we’ve put down the facts. Just get some! Get all of them!


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