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How To Roll Joints In South Africa

Here’s How To Roll The Perfect Joint in South Africa!

So, you’re looking for instructions on how to roll the perfect joint in South Africa.

The Zootly team believes there are two reasons why you’ll be reading this blog. Either you’re a newbie – WELCOME – or an old cannabis fan looking for tips!

For those would have just arrived, we’re going to say, practice makes perfect.

You’re bound to roll a few odd joints, but we’re here to shout,

You can do it! We believe in you!

Andrew Macfarlane, writer and poor joint roller

There are multiple ways, and techniques to roll the iconic joint. But for now this is a general rough guideline on how to roll the best joint in South Africa.

Shopping list for the perfect South African joint

Buy everything from Zootly!

While rolling a joint is the easiest method of enjoying your cannabis, there are still a few odds and ends you need. Namely:

If you are feeling like spending a little more you can purchase:

Now that you’ve packed your cart with everything you need, wave your credit card in the air, spend some cash, and let’s get ready to ROLL! Well, sort of…

Prep Work

Prep work for your cannabis joint - made in South Africa!

Those who don’t prep – don’t get around to smoking!

Andrew Macfarlane making up quotes…

There are a few steps you need to take before you actually roll.

First, you need to grind your weed. Depending on whether you’ve purchased a Zoot Grinder, you might need to chop up your herb in a shot glass or tease it apart with your fingers.

While it doesn’t matter how fine or course your herb is ground, it should be consistent. Consistency is often down to the dryness of the bud you have.

Second step is to make sure your paper and filters are ready. Read the labels carefully, as you want papers with the least amount of chemicals. So, unbleached and made from an organic material.

You want to make sure that you match the size of your paper with the amount of cannabis you have. If there is far too much weed, lucky you, you can join papers together.

Most premium rolling-papers come with small pieces of cardboard for filters. These should be rolled into a cylindrical filter shape.

If you’ve decided to go… budget… then you can use cardboard from around the home. Just make sure it’s not laminated or printed on.

Then you want to ensure that the filter is rolled tight enough to ensure your herb doesn’t fall out the back.

Third prep is to ensure that you have a space for rolling. While you can roll anywhere, make sure that you have a flat surface and that you can catch your herb from those guaranteed spills.

Now – WE ROLL!

Rolling Technique

The see me rolling!

To create the perfect South African joint you need to remember that it needs to be:

  • The correct size;
  • Evenly distributed herb;
  • Packed so it guarantees a slow burn;
  • But still not too densely packed so that it still delivers an easy pull.

Now, to nail that technique!

Make sure that you’re holding the paper lengthwise with the glue at the top facing you. Curve the paper using your thumb and middle finger. You should be achieving a skateboarding half-pipe ramp shape.

Most support the paper with their thumb and middle fingers, while the index finger ensures the ramp shape.

Now reach for that pre-rolled filter and place it into the curved paper. If you’re right handed place it on the left side, and the other way round if you’re left handed.

Using your thumb, index, and middle fingers gently pinch the rolling paper and filter in the non-dominant hand.

This is the moment you sprinkle the cannabis evenly onto the paper. It should be a little higher than the filter. And don’t cover the filter with your herb.

Remove your index finger from holding down the filter and pinch the tops of the paper lightly with both your thumbs and index fingers. Now, gently massage the cannabis into a tube.

It’s up to you whether you want to roll it into a cone or straight joint. But make sure that the cannabis matches your filter’s width where they meet.

Arguably the toughest part is sealing the joint. Using your thumbs and index fingers you need to roll the glue-free edge of paper towards you (down) as you form it around the ground cannabis.

Now roll it upwards tucking the edge of the paper into the opposite side. You should be wrapping the weed but leaving the paper’s glue exposed.

Try to roll the joint using the flat parts of your finger and not the very tips.

Doing it in a smooth motion is what you’re looking for while working your fingers down the joint.

Time to lick it and stick it!

Flipping joints!

If you’re rolling with a sticky batch you’ll find this whole process a lot easier. But now is the moment where you lick and stick it!

Once stuck down, gently tap the joint so the cannabis inside falls towards the filter. You can add more cannabis if needs be. And if your filter is loose, fix it now.

Now that you’re happy, twist the lighting end up and trim off the excessive paper.

That’s it! You should have a joint in your hand. If not… try again, or purchase this automatic joint grinder.

Or just buy a dry herb vape. It’s easier, and we live in the 21st century! But if you need to roll a joint in South Africa, now you know how.

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and not keen to roll joints…

z00tly Says: “When I’m baked up in my tree, I prefer using a dry herb vape. There aren’t any flat surfaces in my tree…”

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