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3 Reasons Why Fabric Pots Live Up To The Cannabis Hype!

It’s now become a growers must-have – the fabric pot. While most of us will be familiar with using ceramic, terracotta, or plastic growing containers in our gardening endeavours, what are the benefits of using fabric?

Well, you don’t need to wonder anymore! Here are 3 reasons why fabric pots live up to the cannabis hype.

Roots Are Self Pruning
Most gardeners forget about the health of their plants’ roots. You know, “Out of sight, out of mind”. But they’re crucial for the overall health of the budding plant.

Fabric pots automatically prune the roots, or air prune, which results in a healthier system. Air pruning is the process where the plant’s roots are trapped in the porous fabric and when they are exposed to air on the outside of the pot they stop growing naturally. 
In the traditional pots, roots start to spiral and bunch out the bottom of the pot in search for more water and nutrients. This stunts their growth. Because the roots grow out the fabric pots sideways, they have more space in the container.

More Crops
With healthier, more plentiful, roots, the outcome is naturally more yield for your crop. This is down to the air-pruning process.

Because the roots cover more space they are able to absorb more nutrients and water. A plant that can naturally access these elements is going to be bigger, and many fabric pot users agree.

Some allege that there is a 10% – 30% increase in plant growth. We found this stat via some online forums, but we only have our own positive experiences to back this up.

Air and Drainage
Firstly, your roots need air. This may seem counterintuitive when burying them in the soil – but they need oxygen. This is why in dense and compacted soil nothing grows. Oxygen is essential for the metabolic process and necessary for diffusing carbon dioxide away from the roots. With a fabric pot’s porous material, air can get in and get out.

Secondly your roots need drainage. Poor drainage leads to multiple complications and devastating root rot. Fabric pots are porous and easily drain away excess water. This also makes them perfect for high feeding routines.

What Else Can We Say – MORE!
Fabric pots are truly every gardener’s friend. And if you were worried about whether you can reuse them, you can! All they need is a quick wash and they should be ready to go for round two, or 20!

So, if you’re keen to try one in your garden, visit us in-store.

Zootly Says: “Out of sight, out of mind” this writer is really a B grade philosophy student!”

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, budding horticulturist and after writing this, article purchaser of fabric pots!

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