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Zootly is Now Lighting Up The SA Cannabis Industry With California Lightworks

This is officially the best news for South African indoor growers! Zootly is now importing California Lightworks units!

Zootly will be the sole South African supplier and importer of the SolarSystem Series units and is currently testing the SolarXtreme series from California Lightworks. 

California Lightwork units are the best growing lights that money can buy currently – anywhere. Also, it’s worth mentioning that our own team has already tried and tested them. 

If you’re uncertain why this is a big deal you’re either not an indoor grower, or just haven’t spent enough time on the internet. We forgive you if you’re not part of the two groups mentioned. So, rather than being left in the dark – let’s shine some light on the subject and share some facts about these units before you go swiping your card at our store’s counter.

Currently, Zootly will be importing the SolarSystem Series units. These units are considered to be more professional, or commercial, lighting rigs, perfect for the industrious home grower or commercial master.

The SolarSystem Series units come with a 3 channel adjustable spectrum, which will require a SolarSystem Controller that’s sold separately. Also, all LEDs in these sealed units are Osram, basically the top-shelf lights.

For the layman who’s just browsed through the above paragraphs, if you were looking for an indoor light for your plants in the past you would have used High-Pressure Sodium lamps (HPS). When HPS lamps are compared to the California Lightworks’ units, the American lights use up to 50% less energy and heat, and LED bulbs never need to be changed. This means these units are far more environmentally and budget-friendly.

A bonus about the SolarSystem Series is the fact that its light spectrum is completely adjustable. Think about it as being able to tinker with the sun so it admits only the best colours that will ensure your plants grow at an optimum level all-the-time. So, expect to produce some glistening, large, colourful, sticky buds.

No, you’re not God – SO STOP IT.

For those not sure what light spectrums are, and what it has to do with plants? If you hum the “There are Seven Colours in the Rainbow” song, this is actually a kids’ science lesson in a jingle format – as there are seven light spectrums. Plants like specific light spectrums AKA: colours.

With the SolarSystem Series, you have full spectrum control which ensure your plants thrive.

For those of you who were wondering, these units will be available in various power levels, and sizes. We’ll be importing SolarSystem, 1100, 550, 275 along with the SolarSystem Controller. The controller comes with a nice timer, so, there’s no need to learn how to use a wall-plug timer – BECAUSE AIN’T ANYBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT!

While we’re mainly advocates of responsible marijuana growing, these lights are also perfect for other kinds of plants.

This is just an FYI if you’ve stumbled across our page from the Stodels’ or Stark Ayres’ website.

So, if you’re keen to have a look, come and visit us in at Unit One, the Mason’s Press in Woodstock, Monday – Friday between 10:00 – 18:00, and Saturdays between 10:00 – 13:00. 

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, budding horticulturist and lighting enthusiast!

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