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Announcing the world’s first scientific journal dedicated to cannabis

Cannabis science finally has a dedicated home of its own.

Biomed Central has launched the first issue of the Journal of Cannabis Research, a new scientific journal dedicated to publishing the hottest new studies about our favourite plant.

The best part? It’s completely free to submit your research paper to their editorial board for consideration, and also free for the public to read all the articles that are published in the journal.

Editor-in-chief David Gorelick, from the University of Maryland School of Medicine, said that the problem with cannabis research up until now is that it’s been scattered across different journals and academic fields, instead of consolidated in one authoritative source.

“Our new journal aims to overcome this limitation, with 10 topic sections that cover the entire range of cannabis-related science,” Gorelick said. “Our editorial board includes more than 30 distinguished scientists and scholars from diverse fields. They work in 9 countries on 5 continents, so that the journal will encompass international points of view.”

The journal covers a range of topics relating to all varieties of the cannabis plant. In it you’ll find research about agriculture and plant biology; commerce, business, and environment; the endocannabinoid system; pharmacology, biochemistry and genetics of cannabinoids; epidemiology and public health; medical cannabis; and history, regulation, and public policy.

It’s basically a one-stop shop for the latest science on cannabis, and since it’s gone through a single-blind peer-review process before being published, you can trust that it’s legit.

The Journal is published in partnership with the Institute for Cannabis Research and with sponsorship from the Colorado State University – Pueblo.

Zootly says: We can’t wait to read about all the new discoveries and research into our favourite herb!

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