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3 Things to Consider When Buying a Bong

It’s official, you’re now in the market and thinking about buying a bong. But what things should you consider when selecting one? To be frank, like the “coffeephiles” (people who take brewing coffee seriously), we could go on-and-on about what you need to know before buying a bong.

But the power’s that be want me to narrow it down to three things. So, let’s do this!

Size Matters When Buying a Bong!

Different sized bongs produce unique experiences. This experience can be due to where you like to hit your bong or the quality of the rip. The truth is the major selling factor, at the end of the day, is up to the individual cannabis fan’s taste.

Mini bongs are perfect for those on the move, looking for an adventure. This could be a hiking trip to a rad cabin in the mountains, or bouncing around South Africa’s best backpackers.

A smaller bong, unless it has some amazing technology, has two drawbacks. Smaller glass bongs will have less airflow and produce a hit that’s harsher. These harsher hits are down to the fact the air can’t circulate in the chamber. If you do want to smooth these hits, you can add ice in the neck of the bong for cooler hits that will irritate the throat less.

Medium sized bongs improve on the issues we mentioned about the smaller bong. Usually, these bongs vary in size between 25cm to 35cm. This is measurement is from the base to the top of the neck.

If you lean towards the smaller sizes you can still travel with it. Just make sure to pack it properly so it doesn’t break, unless it’s a Eyce Beaker, which is a durable silicone. And if you’re still keen for a smaller bong, just get the smaller EYCE then!

For those who always super-size their fastfood meals at the counter, yes, you can get the big bong. This is usually reserved for more experienced smokers.

It is also hard to hide, so make sure to select one that fits the decor of your home. These bongs will offer more airflow and filtration, which means better and smoother hits, that are also tastier.

This being said, for the novice, your lungs might struggle to cope with all the smoke. Make sure you do some diaphragm exercises to allow more smoke in the lungs. Also, with larger bongs, you’re bound to get higher in a shorter amount of time.

Anyway, next point to consider when buying a bong!

Bong Materials!

There are loads of different materials your bong can be offered in. At Zootly, we offer glass, ceramic, and silicone. Why don’t we stock acrylic? It’s cheap and reminds us of braais in Brakpan surrounded by vibracrete walls. Would it kill them to grow some greenery up the walls?

Anyway, each of the materials we stock offers benefits.

Glass bongs are the most popular type, due to the fact they offer the cleanest and purest tasting hit. Most bongs are made from borosilicate glass. If they’re not, don’t buy it, as borosilicate glass offers resistance to heat shock. And when it’s basically glass and water… that can cause issues.

Also, glass shaping always lends itself to crazy shapes and sizes. Which is great. But glass is breakable, and if you’ve poured a large sum of cash into it – this is going to cause tears.

Then we’d considered recommending ceramic bongs. They are the oldest form of bongs, smoked by the American forefathers… I lied, but they’ve been in use for hundreds of years. We’d even say there’s going to be a ceramic bong reselling market in the future. We think our limited run of hand-cast ceramic Zootly bongs could net you a small fortune in 2050.

How is this aftermarket possible? Ceramic bongs are tough and more durable. Also, they won’t deform over time like acrylic bongs – sis!

Ceramic deals with heat fluctuations well and promises clean tasting hits.

This being said, they are still breakable, so don’t drop kick them! They’re also not as diverse as glass bongs with products and additional parts. Then again, book yourself a ceramic class. DO WE NEED TO GIVE AN ANSWER FOR EVERYTHING!

Also, they’re not as easy to clean as you can’t find the grime build up. But you could just buy Zootly’s Bong & Pipe cleaner. Once again, providing answers to the public. You’re welcome!

So, what about silicone bongs. Well, they address the issue of breakability head on. You can literally drop kick one, so there you go, for the ones who wanted to kick it around. #YouDoYou

They are also easy to travel with as you can fold them into any sized bag. They’re super easy to clean and won’t melt like… like… acrylic bongs – WHICH WILL!

This being said, some complain about the purity of the taste. We haven’t noticed this, but this opinion is out there. Like the earth is flat… WHATEVER!

Another issue for some might be price point. But we believe they’re worth it.

Accessories and features!

Just like any outfit you pull out the wardrobe, the accessories matter. If you don’t have any, is it even an outfit? Are you just a basic person?

Are you a basic bong fan? No! You want accessories! With our Zootly Glass Bong you can change out the bowl to suit the situation. And you can super size it if you want to lose all control of your motor skills, or use it at a party with a big group.

Also, additional features like pinches in the neck allow you to stack loads of ice.

One bong that we stock is literally a mould for ice so you can smoke a bong made of ice!

Anyway let’s conclude.

Buying-a-Bong Conclusion

While we’ve talked about the intrinsics of the bongs, we haven’t mentioned other contributing factors, like cost. Like how much can you afford in the current world’s economic environment.

Currently, the entire team has cashed in their rewards points for Vida, Clicks, Pick n Pay, and other places. What we can’t list them all!

So, before going mad, make sure to check your bank balance. And if it’s healthy, buy one of our many bongs!

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