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Why are gummies the most popular edible? And more FAQ – ANSWERED!

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that gummies are the most popular selling edible on our website. But some people are still confused.

Let’s clear the air about why they’re so popular.

We could make up a whole story about the evolution of humans and the creation of gummies meeting a cross-roads of amazing, but no.

According to an article published about the Canadian edibles market, gummies ruled with CA$3.4 million in sales, followed by chocolates (CA$2.2 million) and caramels, chews and taffy (CA$375,352).

We can only speculate this happened for two reasons. First, it’s easy to digest, hiding all flavours of the flower, and the second being, as an edible, you can measure out exact quantities of THC when making gummies.

We know this as we’ve produced our own CBD range! Even though we called them JELLIES! Look at us being different!

Now that we can all agree on their popularity, let’s answer some other frequently asked questions.

Do all gummies get you high?

The short answer is no, not all gummies will get you high. This is especially true with the CBD versions.

According to Government Notice No. 756 of the 2019 Medicines and Related Substances Act (101/1965) products containing less than 20 mg per daily dose of CBD are now allowed to be sold and are exempt from the Schedules to the Medicines Act. More than this and you’ll need a doctor’s note.

Also CBD products are to be labelled for General Health Maintenance, Enhancement, or Relief of Minor Symptoms. And while CBD products do try and remove as much THC as they can, there will always be a residual amount left. This means no CBD product may contain no more than 10ppm (0,001% of THC).

For the worried amongst you, this is an incredibly low amount of THC. And honestly, if you were planning on eating CBD gummies to get high, you’d develop diabetes first.

Speaking of sugar issues…

Are these good for you?

Right, we feel like if you’re smashing candies into your face and asking this… you’re lost.

No, it’s not a good idea to eat candies for supplements. While they taste good, that’s because of the high sugar content. But, you say, my gummies use artificial sweeteners!

While non-nutritional sweeteners do mean you’re missing out on all the harmful sugars, they can have a laxative effect if consumed in bulk.

You’ve been warned.

How much CBD should you consume daily?

The recommended limit for daily consumption is around 25mg to 50mg. For those with a built up tolerance, you will want to up your dosage.

If you’re unsure if the CBD is working, be aware that once you start to feel calm and relaxed it’s working.

Now, a big question.

Will CBD pop-up in a drug test?

The short answer is no.

Your workplace drug test will be looking for high traces of THC. This being said, if you’re wanting to avoid all traces of THC, you should be using CBD that’s been isolated, which is different from the full-plant extract.

A positive test result could be down to the fact that it’s been mislabelled, the product has been contaminated, or user error.

So, now you know about all the ins-and-outs of CBD gummies.

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