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Dazed Donna Reviews President Seeds Trump’s Cookie Jar Cannabis Strain

In this episode, we asked Dazed Donna to review something special from the President Seeds’ bank – Trump’s Cookie Jar.

Watch the video above, or read the transcribed review below.

What’s up, cannabis enthusiasts. Thanks for joining me again on Zootly’s Hoot of the Day.

Dazed Donna

You’re back with Dazed Donna, are you ready? I’m ready!

The strain’s name for today is dum-da-da-da, Trump’s Cookie Jar

Strain Genetics 

Whenever I hear the name cookie in any strain I get extremely excited – so yeah I’m very very keen.

The other thing I have heard about this strain is that his THC content is extremely high. 

And I don’t know why the rest of you guys are here today but I’m here to get extremely high.

So, if you’ll get all of your essentials ready, let’s get into this bud, shall we?

Trump’s Cookie Jar: okay so before I share with you guys what he looks like, I just want to say:

That we should not tell Trump or show Trump, the actual Donald Trump, what this bud looks like. As I’m afraid he might just get a little bit jealous and we wouldn’t want that!

Trump’s Cookie Jar Bud Profile

Right here he is:   

President Seeds Trump's Cookie Jar. The orange hairs you actually want...
Would you look at that beautiful head of orange hair.

More orange hairs than the Trump man himself, right?

Skunky and fruity aroma – oh you (its) spoiling me today. Just from here, I can tell you that it’s not a very clingy bud, but at the same time, I’m kind of excited to see what he comes up with once we open him up and undress him a little bit. 

Guys! Wow! This is amazing! Mr-Trump-Man-Sir I can definitely say, that you have a tremendously-tremendous-fruity and skunky aroma, kind of like a fruit loop man.

This bad boy is quite stanky once you loosen him up. I’m just going to let you guys know, that if you do plan on smoking him again, do it at your discretion. 

The High Effect from Agent Orange 

Right, let’s get this bad boy locked and loaded, shall we?

There we go, everybody ready? Everybody stacked? Is everybody rolled? And is everybody ready with their bowls?

Okay let’s go, three, two, one, to the Trump – let’s hope he Trumps me.

Zootly's Ceramic Bong getting used with President Seeds' Trump's Cookie Jar.
Zootly Ceramic Bong doing its job nicely.

Definitely more skunky than fruity flavor. So, really nice, quite an earthy taste on the tongue.

It did hit me at the back of my throat there, so let me just get my breath back. 

Definitely as tasty as she looks, I’ll have you guys know. 

So, going over to the effects that this bud gives me:

I’m in a very stress-free, relaxed state. But at the same time I feel like I might have to have a nap after this review. 

Then wake-and-bakes be getting me right there this morning. And the THC content guys  is – strong – especially for the morning.  

Well, thank you so much for joining me on this review. I trust you enjoyed it, and you are just as baked as I am! 

I’m going to have a nap and hopefully catch you guys on the flip side! Have a fantastic day, and thanks for joining me on Zootly’s Hoot of the Day! 

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