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G Pen Dash Review!

Reviewing the G Pen Dash!

The G Pen Dash is the premium entry level dry herb vape that promises, supreme functionality in the palm of your hand.

What exactly is included in this “supreme functionality”? Well, a powerful device that’s lightweight and affordable.

Nice. Like, you could read on for a bit, or buy it now.

What? You want to read some more sales pitch! Let’s dive in!

G Pen Dash Stats!

The G Pen Dash is the small, and stealthy vape which if you’re an amateur cannabis fan is the device for you. With it’s magnetic mouthpiece, haptic feedback, and glass-lined oven is a device made from quality parts.

Expect this bad boy to be packing a 950mAh battery that will take 1-2 hours to fully charge. When its full you can enjoy 406 sessions. And the battery port uses a micro-USB charger.

Then it comes with three pre-set temperature settings which are also colour coded. Blue is 190º, Green is 205º and Red is 220º.

The mouthpiece is an isolated airpath, so the the plastic top is just a cover for the internal workings, called the Helix system, which cools down the vapour. This is a surprising feature to have on such a small device. And you won’t find this in the manual or website…


Anyway, the heating chamber is glass-lined and is good for around 0.2g which is good for a solo session on your own! So what do you get in the box?

Well, you get:

  • One G Pen Dash Vaporizer;
  • A G Pen tool with keychain;
  • And the USB charging cable. 

You can order say an epic carry case and grinder for it. But that’s up to you! Now let’s see what the web said!

G Pen Dash Reviews!

There are loads of positive reviews of the G Pen Dash. Most will highlight that it is perfect for those looking at just getting into the vape cannabis market.

According to Cannabis Now,

“A small but mighty vaporizer.”

Everyone loves the fact that the G Pen Dash comes with the Helix cooling feature.

Currently, no Zootly fans have had their say about this magical device. But we feel like if you have any feedback let us know.

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