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Airvape XS GO

We’re Doing An In Depth Review of Airvape XS GO!

As our best dry-herb seller at Zootly, Airvape XS GO is a brilliant portable vaporiser. But, this being said, we felt that it was time to give you a proper review!

This is compiled with information from our users and the world at large. But first, let’s rattle off some sales information.

Airvape XS GO Stats!

The stats on this little gem are as follows!

It has a 12000 mAh battery, which charges off the usual micro USB charging cable. This should charge within 45 minutes. When it is fully charged it should be good for 4-5 sessions.

And if its not in use it’ll automatically shut itself off in 3 minutes. A bonus for the forgetful ones!

Then, it weighs roughly 60 grams, so super light. And with dimensions of 9.6cm in length, 2.5cm in width, and 3.3cm in height, it’s also small enough for the palm of your hand.

The device also has an oval ceramic heating chamber that can hold a good amount of herb. It promises to reach optimal heating temperature within 20 seconds.

There are 5 temperature options, 180c, 190c, 200c, 210c, and 215c. And you can switch between these settings via the easy-to-use one button temperature control.

Also, with dual filter, ceramic Airflow tech, and EZ AirPath (partially isolated), this means each drag is smooth and cool.

The Airvape XS Go also has a comfy grip made from ABS plastic, haptic feedback (it shakes when in use), and a nifty built-in scraping tool to clean out the chamber.

There’s a lot going on in this small package. And in the box with the device is a charging cable, cleaning and loading tools, replacement filter screens, a user manual, and most importantly, a warranty.

But you’re here for the user reviews! Not another sales pitch. Gosh, we’re such terrible capitalists!

User Reviews!

As a generalisation, we’ve had little to no issues with the device. And our Google Review section reveals one or two happy customers.

We thank you Dean MaasDorp for the general feedback, as well as Owami Mokoena for sharing your experience.

And on the product’s page itself, Matthew shares with us that it delivers great flavour (great if you’ve grown your own), and Tian is just glad that it gets the job done.

If you have any personal feedback to share but feel like we’re not watching… WE SEE EVERYTHING!

And according to Timmerz on his YouTube channel, he’s very impressed with the unit as a whole.

But he suggests getting the device’s carry case as the magnetic cap for the heating chamber can pop off in your pocket.

You can watch this whole rundown of the device, below:

But overall, if you are looking for a good, compact, and affordable dry herb device, the Zootly crew and others would recommend using the AirVape XS GO!

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane

z00tly says: “This is a device I like to keep on me when I do long flights around town.”

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