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How Cannabis Can Enhance Your Sex Life

How smoking weed can enhance sexual pleasure

This is what cannabis can do for your sex life

If you’re here on Zootly, we don’t need to convince you of the many and varied awesome perks of adventuring in the world of cannabis.

But did you know that it has scientifically proven benefits for your sex life?

A study published by the International Society for Sexual Medicine investigated the effects of weed on women’s libido and experiences of sexual pleasure. The results were smoking hot.

Most of the women who participated in the study reported an increase in sex drive, improvement in the intensity of orgasm, and decrease of pain.

“Among those who reported using marijuana before sex, 68.5% stated that the overall sexual experience was more pleasurable, 60.6% noted an increase in sex drive, and 52.8% reported an increase in satisfying orgasms.”

Best of all, if you’re worried that your mouth isn’t the only thing drying up when you use cannabis, the study found that most women reported no changes in natural lubrication.

What causes this sexually enhancing effect? The human body naturally contains a system of neurotransmitters called endocannabinoids, which are found throughout the central and peripheral nervous system.

According to the study: “Endocannabinoids, which are structurally similar to marijuana, are known to help regulate sexual function. The cannabinoid receptor, discovered in the 1990s, has been mapped to several areas of the brain that play a role in sexual function. Cannabinoids and endocannabinoids interact with the hormones and neurotransmitters that affect sexual behavior.”

So if you’ve been looking for a reason to bring some bud into your bedroom, science has officially given you the go ahead.

Pro tip: if you’re definitely not turned on by the idea of your linens stinking of smoke, then we recommend using an odourless vape from the Vape Store or munching an edible instead.

Feeling ready for the next step in your naked canna-ventures? There’s a Spanish product that has recently hit shelves in SA that is designed to blow your mind in more ways than one.

Cannabis lube, folks. This is not a drill.

Local company Love Oil is stocking a water-based lubricant that is infused with cannabis sativa seed oil. One of the company’s representatives, Jazmine Phiri, who is also a pharmaceutical scientist and intimacy coach, recommends the product to her female clients for a little extra sativa stimulation.

“It makes you more sensitive to everything around you,” Phiri says. “Once it’s absorbed into your vaginal walls it stimulates them, so blood is going to be flowing nicely there, your nerves are going to be awakened you’re going to be easily aroused which is good for your libido.”

Cinnamon adds an intense tingling sensation to their pleasure oil product.

“It’s so intense that when you’re engaged with your partner, you can’t help but be present in the sensation,” Phiri says.

But hold up a second – if things are getting too hot too fast, Love Oil has another product designed just for men. It’s called Pause, and it’s a gel that you apply to the penis to prolong your erection and delay orgasm.

“Our biggest client with the men’s gel is actually the Men’s Health Clinic,” Phiri says. “We supply to them in Gauteng and Polokwane. It helps out a lot of men.”

Zootly says: If you’re planning to get high and get down, remember to be responsible and practice safe sex at all times. And it is  better the natural way!

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