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How To Make Cannabis Coffee

How To Make a Woodstock Cannabis Coffee

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, budding horticulturist, local Woodstockian, and general fan of coffee.

Waking and baking, one of the best morning rituals for any cannabis-connoisseur. Just clearing the mind and preparing for the day ahead. Paired with a decent cup of coffee, it’s a ritual to behold. 

Zootly recently opened its doors to the public in the trendy suburb of Woodstock, Cape Town. Whether you’re looking for craft beers, an artistic pop-up, or amazing gin tasting, it’s the place to be. It’s home to some amazing coffee shops and roasteries.

Here are some cannabis and coffee combinations we love!

Tribe Coffee Roasting & Café

This quaint bistro coffee hub has a relaxed atmosphere and is a true hidden gem in the Woodstock Foundry. You can easily get sucked into people watching all day as artists, eccentrics, and creative types make their way around.

If you’ve taken home some of their Tribe Filter Blend we’d recommend using our cannabis coconut butter to infuse some of that bake to your wake situation. We discuss how to make coconut butter here.

Captain Kirwin’s Coffee

There’s another captain on deck in Woodstock and he’s dishing out caffeine attitude in boatloads – it’s Captain Kirwin. His shop is based near the hipster Mecca that is the Woodstock Biscuit Mill, and his little abode is warm and full of character.

Expect to be greeted by a crew of coffee legends bellowing pirate songs. If you do take away some of the legend’s beans may we suggest dribbling some Hash Honey into your morning routine!  

Baseline Coffee

While they are more of a wholesale establishment, the Baseline team will sell great tasting coffee to anyone who’s willing to walk into their store, which happens to be in the Mason’s Press – like us!

So, howzit neighbour! Anyway, their espresso bar has a clean and modern interior, set against the rustic aesthetics of what most would call “that Woodstock industrial” look. Which in our opinion is rad.

If you do buy some Baseline coffee to enjoy at home we’d suggest adding a few spoons of Canna-Sugar to the mix!

There are loads more options to explore. But for now, this is a start, and we hope to see you instore, ASAP.

Zootly Says: “I like to CC these two before going into any morning meeting – Coffee and Cannabis.”

From the zootly Shop

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