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How to make Cannabis-Sugar and Enjoy a Real High Tea!

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, Budding Horticulturist and Type One Diabetic (so I won’t be using this recipe any time soon)

We’ve all heard about creating canna-butter or marijuana-infused oils, but have you tried your hand at conjuring Cannasugar? We’re pretty sure if you’re reading this blog, you haven’t! 

Before you go further, there are a few basic tips when preparing marijuana. One being the decarboxylation step. For those of you who don’t want to Google what this means:

It is a chemical reaction that removes a carboxyl group and releases carbon dioxide…” – Google Search Result

Alright, that’s not really “people talk”!For the layman, it is the process that separates the THC from the weed, normally this is done via curing over time, or actually smoking the flower (decarboxylation). So by cooking the plant, we’re ensuring that the THC is released.

You want to bake your cannabis for 35 – 40 minutes at around 120°C. Overcooking it will degrade the THC and ruin its potency/experience.

Cannasugar is great for tea, coffee, and desserts, or anything you want to sprinkle a little magic on! Here’s what you’ll need for this treat:


  • 3g of cannabis;
  • 120ml of high-proof grain alcohol (we can only assume no alcohol brand will want to be associated with this suggestion, so Google it);
  • And 100g granulated sugar.


  • Grinder;
  • Baking paper;
  • Glass Jar/Cocktail Shaker;
  • Cheesecloth;
  • Bowl;
  • And a Glass Baking Tray.


First step is to roughly grind or chop your weed into a coarse consistency. Then apply some baking paper onto an oven tray and lay out the cannabis. Place into the oven at 120°C for 35 – 40 minutes – as mentioned before.

Once the baking is complete don’t turn your oven off, just reduce the temperature to 90°C (we’ll get back to why this is necessary later). Take your baked weed and place it into a glass jar/cocktail shaker with the 120ml of alcohol.

Now that you have your mixture of weed and alcohol, it’s time to shake the jar or cocktail shaker. Shake it for 5-minute periods, four times, so around 20 minutes of total shaking. Once this is done, strain the cocktail through some cheesecloth into a bowl. And don’t be a hero, you’ll need to throw away the weed. 

Now add your sugar into the weed and alcohol mixture in the bowl. Grab a glass baking dish and spread the cocktail slush on to it, evenly.

Bake for this mixture at 90°C in the oven (see we got back to that fact), stirring regularly, until the alcohol has evaporated. The sugar should have a golden colour to it, once complete.

And now you’re ready for a lovely high tea. 

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