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The Haze Club will grow your weed for you!

So you want to grow your own, but you have the exact opposite of green fingers and every pot plant you touch is doomed.

Rather than watch your precious weed babies wither, wilt and desiccate while you desperately serenade them with Bob Marley tunes…. you can now let the experts grow on your behalf. 

The Haze Club (yes, that’s THC for short) will grow your weed in a state-of-the-art indoor facility, with expert horticulturalists hand-rearing your plants every step of the way. When they’re mature, THC will also harvest, cure, package and deliver your weed to your doorstep. 

It’s like Uber Eats, but for cannabis and if you act now you can use the Promo code: Zootly and you’ll get R200 off your first month’s sign-up fee.

Simply create an account with THC, then make your selection of the package you want to sign up to, fill in the coupon (Zootly), and you’re done.

This is only a growing service, so you will need to order your seeds, we suggest getting them from President Seeds, The THC guys also recommend them.

President Seed’s Trump’s Cookie Jar has the finest US-origin Girl Scout x Green Crack genetics with more orange hair than the actual orangutang. They are also feminized seeds.

Each seed pack comes with 3 seeds

And trust us, your seeds will be in the best hands in the business.

If you were wondering, how this works? The THC guys have worked it out for your

Give us the fine print

As discussed above, you have to supply your own seeds. The Club does not sell any seeds or clones. So you’ll need to choose your desired strain (feminised, of course) and order it from an online seed bank. “Give us that special strain, we’ll grow it to perfection,” they say.

The Club works on a membership model. It’ll set you back R949 per month.

“This includes the lease of your personal grow areas within the club’s facility, growing services, drying and curing, as well as all costs associated in getting your cannabis back to you in perfect condition,” the website explains.

From the moment you hand over your seeds, it’ll take 12-14 weeks until your first batch is delivered, depending on the type of strain you use. Thereafter, you’ll get a new supply every two months. 

According to the Club: “The growing technique we use consistently yields 20-30+ grams of dried, premium quality cannabis, every 2 months.”  

How is this legal?

The Haze Club is advised by Schindler’s Attorneys, which is the same law firm that helped win the Constitutional Court ruling for private cannabis use. The Club takes full advantage of that part of the ruling which says it’s legal for individuals to grow cannabis in a personal space, for personal consumption.

“The law states that any private individual may grow cannabis in their private space for their personal consumption. Each member is allocated a private space in THC’s grow room which is leased from the club,” the website explains. “The club simply assists members in exercising their constitutional right to grow cannabis in their own private space. “

They also limit members to one flowering plant at a time.

“We limit each member to a maximum of one area in each grow space which ensures that the quantity of cannabis is for personal consumption only,” THC says. 

But they ensure that you have a regular supply by keeping one plant in the vegetative area, germinating and growing into a seedling until it’s ready to enter the flowering area.

“While the older plant is still flowering, the members’ next seed is planted. So that as the flowering plant is harvested, the next little lady is ready to take the space.”

Zootly says: This is ideal if you’re a busy professional who doesn’t have the time or space to dedicate to growing… but you still want your strain of choice and the pride of smoking your own green. Go for it!

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