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Smoking With Grandma

Smoking with Grandma for the first time.

“Now Grandma, let me tell you a story about when I was younger… we used to smoke it like this!”

Unless you skipped your twenties entirely, the chances are you have some wild and wonderful story about your first high.

Sneaking out of a club to smoke a cheeky CJ with your friends in the parking lot of Tiger Tiger. The night you demolished several packets of two minutes noodles on the kitchen floor when the munchies were just too much to handle…we’ve all been there.

The sudden change of legislation around the cannabis industry has brought a lot of inexperienced or first-time smokers out of the woodwork and curiosity has got the best of them. Before you know it you may find yourself having tea with your grandparents!

Although your first high may seem like a lifetime ago there are a few basics that you may want to think about before smoking with your grandma.

Orchestrating Grandma’s First Time

Although a pipe or tobacco mix may have been the flavour of the month several years ago, smoking pure marijuana is recommended for a first-time smoker. By eliminating other substances, one can focus on how the weed alone makes you feel or behave.

Although the days of paranoia may be forgotten now that you no longer have to worry about being caught by mum and dad, feeling paranoid is still a common side effect.

Ensure that your Gran is comfortable and completely relaxed about what’s to come. Being the more experienced individual, prepare yourself for what you intend to do if the high goes bad.

Think about how you are going to talk your Gran through the paranoia or discomfort. Teaching someone how to embrace the high as opposed to fighting it is a great starting point. Followed by reminding them to breathe, relax and enjoy the feeling.

Teach Grandma how to actually GET high

Another consideration is what to do if nothing happens! Imagine getting high and leaving Grandma behind? This usually is the case if the person doesn’t know how to inhale into their lungs but only into their mouth.

Although this may be second nature to you, drawing the smoke into your mouth and then into your lungs is essential. This also helps the marijuana burn more evenly and provide a smoother and more enjoyable hit. Talk her through this beforehand and reassure her that coughing is ok.

If your grandma is totally against smoking, why not introduce her to the wonders of weed with a vape? There are many different vapes on the market. Which you can fill with just about whatever shape & form of cannabis you’d like.

What to do once you’re high

If all goes according to plan and you’ve successfully avoided the paranoia and reach cloud 9 with your nan – make sure that you have some great conversation starters up your sleeve to pass the time. Sharing some secrets or contemplating the meaning of life is always a winner.

Heck, maybe grandma loves it so much that she starts baking you cookies (the special kind)! Maybe she’ll try her hand at outdoor growing. We don’t know. Give her the weed and let us know what happens. If she loves it, she can even join a Facebook group!

Getting high with someone can be an incredible bonding experience and being trusted by your Gran to share it with you is even more special!

If you’ve had this privilege, why not share your story with us in the comment section below?

Zootly Says: Its 2019 and about time you get smoking with grandma!

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