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Dogs And Cats CBD

The Science of CBD and Cannabis for Cats and Dogs

As we all know, CBD has been linked to curing many aliments with humans. But is the same true for cats and dogs though? After all, you can buy several varieties of CBD pet product. Hell, we sell our own Pet CBD that’s chicken flavoured.

We’ve actually tried it ourselves, and it is delicious. Also, Zootly has tackled this question before. Well, just focusing on dogs.

In the previous article they talk about the fact your furry friends have an cannabinoid system/receptors just like their owners. Your animals actually have more receptors and are more sensitive than humans.

Some analysts in the USA predict that the CBD pet care market will reach $125 million by 2022.

While we know all the benefits CBD has on humans. How should one administer CBD to their animals?

How to administer CBD to your pets?

As you’d expect there are multiple methods your pets can digest their CBD. Namely, edibles are the best method, as your fluffy friend will never turn down a treat.

You can use oils drops. We would strongly not recommend blowing CBD vape smoke into your cats and dogs faces. It’s just cruel.

Also, you can use creams, balms and capsules.

Oil CBD has the best pharmacokinetics, our best absorption rate. This means it stays in the blood stream for longer and its effects felt more.

Now, let’s talk about whether it is safe to give your pets CBD?

Is CBD safe for Cats and Dogs?

According to a report issued by the World Health Organisation CBD in its pure form is safe for cats and dogs. There was however an increase in liver enzyme alkaline phosphatase during the noted studies in the report during CBD treatment.

While more studies need to be conduct, just exercise caution if your cat or dog has liver issues. The main way of mitigating all risk, is to purchase CBD products that have been tested.

And with regards to THC from cannabis, exercise caution as cats and dogs will experience more of the effects. Which means they could be more prone to vomiting, diarrhoea, lethargy, and trouble standing.

This being said, animals can enjoy being high. But don’t over do it. Think of drunk elephants…

Only elephants who enjoyed the off Marula fruits.

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