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The Top Cannabis Grow Lights in South Africa

The grow light world has levels. There are some units that you can pick-up from TakeAlot or YuppieChef, which are great, but they’re not at the professional level. We’re not haters, after all, have you been on the internet recently – geez.

Anyway, we decided to look through the grow light catalogues from all the South African marijuana players and list all the best lights. Of course, we’re going to mention our’s first! So, let’s light it up!

California LightWorks SolarSystem 1100

This is the big daddy. While you might be reading this on your phone or laptop thinking, “Well, of course they’d say this!”  

We’re going to break it down for you.

The unit’s coverage is amazing, covering around 250 cm x 250 cm in a vegetative state, and 150 cm x 150 cm in flowering. While the unit says, “1100” it actually only uses 0 – 800 watts of power and is also adjustable (well get to why now). 

As this is an LED-based rig, the lifetime rating for the LED lights is 50,000+ hours, and it comes with a 5-year warranty. So, let’s just say it’ll last. In theory, they should outlast the pyramids. 

The unit requires a controller to allow for full-spectrum control, which has benefits that you can read about here.

Being able to adjust the spectrums of light means this light can be used through every growth stage, and also, in turn, saves you money, as you’re not pushing the light to the limit, 24 hours a day.

Another great bonus is that the controller allows for sunset and sunrise settings, which in turn means less shock for the plants. Also, with a network cable, you can sync more lights to the controller. So, as your corp grows* (*don’t overdo it as the legal limit is down to the arresting officers, so two plants might be a crime) you can add more lights from the same range.

Now let’s talk about someone else’s lights…

Flourish LED Mini Garden In-home Growing Planter

Oh yes, we went there. We found this unit on YuppieChef. At this price point, if you are a rank amateur, living in an apartment in Tamboerskloof and own two model hounds that you walk in De Waal Park, this tiny little unit will help you get those little seedlings growing nicely.

The unit has a nice little 18/6 timer built-in, which is a basic bonus. It is an LED unit, so less chance of leaf burns. But there are limits as it won’t be able to accommodate your crop during the later veg stages, and bloom. This is due mainly to size. 

Don’t you be hating, everyone needs to start somewhere, and for something that is advertised as a herbal desk grower, this is rather nice. And if you do want to switch to basil, it shouldn’t be overkill. 

Did we mention that our California LightWorks LEDs would work for any plant?

This statement is for the gardeners who want to take their growing game to the next level! Right, now back to the professional units.

E500 COB LED Grow Light

The guys over at Marijuana SA stock this amazing LED light. This compact light has an amazing reflective core body that allows for the onboard LED lights to light up any environment. Also, with its premium build quality, it comes with a built-in fan, so heating should not be a problem.

Our California LightWorks units also come with fans and they can be replaced separately if broken. Not sure with the E500 COB LED Grow Light, but we do know:  

  • HPS Equivalent: 500 Watt;
  • Wall Draw: 170 Watt;
  • Waterproof Grow Light;
  • Plug and Play nothing else needed;
  • Sleek Design;
  • Built-in cooling fan;
  • Bridgelux LED;
  • Metal exterior;
  • 1 Year Warranty.

If you want to see their personal review you can check it out above.

Gavita Pro 1000w DE Grow Light

A non-LED light made it to our list! Available through GrowGuru, their write up about the unit tells us that, 

  • “The ‘e’ in ‘e-series’ stands for external control”;
  • This unit’s electronics are mounted away from heat sources, meaning reliability; 
  • Input voltage is 240 volts, and around 1000 – 1200 watts;
  • HPS lamp has a 5000-hour life; 
  • And it has easy mounting. 

There are loads more features, but yeah, we don’t sell HSP (High-Pressure Sodium) lights…

So, that’s all we’re going to say. We’re more for the LED lighting rigs.

Just, order our units. Click this link here. Do it. This is blog pressure.

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, budding horticulturist, and general online grow light troll.

Zootly says: “There are many grow light options, locally, but you should just buy ours. Because they are the best.”    

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