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Cape Town Cannabis Yoga

This is where you can try cannabis yoga in Cape Town

Smoke your way through a sun salutation in new Cannayoga experience

Yoga and cannabis are both ancient tools of healing that have been used by humans for thousands of years.

Now canna-curious Cape Town yogis can combine the two in a new Cannayoga experience.

Former pro surfer and yoga studio owner Roxy Louw has fused her loves of dope and downward-facing dogs to create a practice which she says will reach deep into your subconscious – and help keep your body healthy into old age.

Roxy’s personal journey with cannabis began 10 years ago in an unlikely place. She was cast in the movie Blue Crush 2, as a character called Acapulco Goldie. If you’re a cannabis-savvy history buff, you’ll know Acapulco Gold is a sativa strain that was popular in the 1960s for its potency and signature green and gold colour – which Roxy discovered while researching her character online.

“That’s when the whole cannabis world opened up to me,” she said.

But she still had to run the gauntlet of sickness and stress before she started using cannabis regularly.

“I was 21 years old, chasing the dream. I was in the movies, always busy,” she said. “I went to the doctor because I was struggling to sleep, and struggling with anxiety and depression.”

The doctor prescribed medication, but it wasn’t the cure Roxy was looking for.

“Six years later I’d had enough – something was missing from my life and I went on a hunt to find what it was. I found myself in a yoga class, switched off from outside world and tuned into what my body needed.”

Through yoga and cannabis, Roxy weaned herself off her psychiatric medication completely, and gained a new skill as a yoga instructor to boot.

“Cannabis helps you step out of your head and into the moment. I’m completely med free, and cannabis has been a huge part of that.”

Now it’s Roxy’s turn to pay it forward. She created the Cannayoga experience to help others overcome the same obstacles she battled with.

“Cannayoga brings a heightened awareness to the body. It aids with depression and pain management,” she says. “We reconnect, we reboot, we get educated on cannabis.”

Together with her Kiwi fiance Sam Barton, Roxy will be hosting South Africa’s first Cannayoga workshop in Cape Town in May, as well as a weekend retreat in Swellendam in June.

So what does a Cannayoga workshop entail?

Participants will meet for “gifted cannabis consumption”, where THC options as well as CBD-only options will be available. While the marijuana weaves its magic, Sam will present a talk on the emerging world of cannabis. Then you indulge in one hour of vinyasa flow, friendly to all levels.

“Think great beats, candle lit flow, sound bowls and complete immersions into the depths of your subconscious mind,” Roxy says.

The one night Cannayoga workshop is at Wembley Square on 16 May. Tickets will set you back R300, and are only available to over 21s.

If a once-off workshop isn’t enough for you, Roxy is also hosting a retreat in Swellendam which is an entire weekend of educational talks, gourmet meals and naturally, plenty of sativa and sun salutations.

The Cannayoga Retreat in Swellendam is from 7-9 June, and costs R4350 p/p sharing or R4850 single. That includes accommodation and healthy meals from a chef.

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