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Trendiest Ways To Smoke Cannabis In South Africa

Well, well, well, it’s 2020, and you can still consume cannabis in your home in South Africa. Thank goodness we’re so progressive as a country. But as you lay back on your bench, gathering round the braai area, you may be wondering,

“What is the trendiest way to smoke that sweet-sweet-cannabis?”

Let’s find out!

Dry Herb Vaporizers
We all know the vape mob culture. Selling vapes in empty, single-coloured rooms with a scattering of pleather couches. But we’re not selling “vape-juices”, we’re selling dry herb vaporizers.

The PAX 3 Full-Kit Vaporizer is the “creme-de-la-creme” of smoking devices. Easy to use, delivering quality hits, and it fits in the palm of your hand. It also has an incredibly fast heating element and is ready in 15 seconds. And like anything made in 2020, it has an app*. *(Note, that there are some complaints about the connectivity of the device, but you can use it perfectly without it.) 

If you’re not quite to invest in the top of the range, the AirVape XS Go Vape Kit is also a nifty little vape set at a really great price. You a storage case, grinder, and bag. That bang for your buck!

The AirVape XS Go and PAX 3, use a combination of conduction and convection technology to heat up its oval-shaped, ceramic-coated chamber. Giving the herb even heating throughout.

Let’s Try Some Dabbing In 2020

What is dabbing you ask? Basically, dabbing is when you refine cannabis into a wax-like substance and vaporize it in a vape. This isn’t the first time that concentrates have been smoked, think hash oil in a bong or joint, but the device is new. Try the PAX 3 full kit with the concentrate chamber.

Just an FYI, make sure you know exactly how your dabbing substance is made, as some producers might include a flammable solvent, which isn’t good news.

Our recommendation…

Buy our Basic Vape Kit, with a beautiful case, grinders, and AirVape XS Go Vaporizer, and grind your own legally grown cannabis.  No need to ask who it came from and where it’s been when it comes from your own backyard.

Yep, while bongs and smoking rigs have been around forever, it’s only in the last year that the South African bong market woke up and went;

“God that’s tacky.”

And we agree. That’s why we searched far and wide for units that don’t just work but also look great.

After all, glass bongs tend to get dirty in an instant, and what would your mother say if you were dragging around an ugly bong? The answer: not nice things. That’s why we got hold of an artisanal potter, and the collective knowledge of Woodstock makers, and made a thing of beauty – The Ceramic Zootly Bong.

So beautiful that it could be the centrepiece of a dinner party with the in-laws, just stick a flower in it, and boom, a really nice bong to have around the house.

The same process was used for the development of our Ceramic Zootly Pipes. Made in Woodstock the design is based on our own user experiences, so it’s good looking, easy to clean, and has a flattened base so it doesn’t roll off the table. I mean, why is that a standardised feature? 

The cannabis industry as a whole is going through an enlightenment phase, where stoner jokes are still cool but they are moving aside to accommodate premium products that are aesthetically pleasing.

We still stock some amazing glass bongs, like the MJ Arsenal Infinity Mini Rig, if you’re not ready to move away from glass. This rig has a double uptake recycler and fab-egg functioning lower section, which we’d recommend allowing to cool down for 50 seconds after heating.

It’s also still a trip to look at! Anyway, next!

Zootly Smoke Range
This is really back to basics, but is it though? No, it isn’t. We travelled the world for the best accessories.

Our Zoot Tubes are great for storing pre-rolled joints and are made from aluminium as well as being air-tight. Not only are they sturdy, but smell-and-waterproof, which is helluva useful.

Also, we stock amazing grinders, storage containers, and the best rolling papers that will match your Zoot Tube – WHY – because we understand that the modern cannabis enthusiast wants quality, not cheap Cock and #*@$* (no bad-mouthing here) gimmicks.

But those are the trendiest ways to smoke your amazing home-grown South African herb in 2020.

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, budding horticulturist, and now cannabis trend spotter…

Zootly says: “Call me old fashioned, but the rolling kits are where the cannabis purists will be going in 2020, when going to AfrikaBurn…”

From the zootly Shop

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