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It’s officially happened – we stock CBD Lollies at Zootly! This shouldn’t come as a surprise, but still it’s amazing news. After all, we stock everything CBD related just for you!

For those looking for the THC cannabinoid in their “lolly to make them jolly” – well – you’re going to have to make your own. How one does this type of thing beats us for the moment…

But for now we stock an amazing range of CBD lolly flavours!

Such as!


Strawberry CBD Lollipop!

Yes! Get your cream ready and enjoy our Zootly CBD Strawberry Lollipops! Perfect for that warm afternoon where there’s nothing better to do than stretch out and relax! And with 10mg of broad spectrum CBD you’ll be “chillaxing” nicely!

What other CBD Lollipop flavours do we offer? Well!

Cream Dream

Creamy Dreamy CBD Lolly!

Oh yes, the Dream Cream is a blend of smooth, creamy flavour that’ll put a smile on your face no matter what time of day it is.

Whether you’re getting ready for a wake and bake session, or a couchlocked evening with Netflix, having a Zootly Dream Cream CBD Lollipop is a must!

Now for more CBD Lollies!

Cherry Kush!

Cherry CBD Lollies!

Those Kushy, skunky, and spicy undertones might not be there but our Cherry Kush is yummy!

Like damn delicious! So amazing, in fact, we’d recommend just buying boxes of the stuff!

And if you were worried that,

I can’t eat an entire box of these CBD lollies! It’ll go straight to my thighs!

Andrew Macfarlane, Writer

No need to stress as these are sugar-free! Be warned they do have Xylitol, which is naturally great for humans, not so much for your doggies.

We do stock CBD for dogs!

And just a side note, please don’t let your dogs eat candy in general.

Anyway! What are the other flavours?

Humbug Haze!

CBD Lollies - Minty!

Our Humbug Haze is super refreshing! One of these suckers in your mouth and you’ll clear your palate to review those amazing cannabis strains!

It’s also our time enjoying far too many bongs with haze that inspired the name.

Now let’s chat about our last flavour!

 Tutti Fruity Zkittles

The team decided to name this flavour after spending a few months enjoying some Zkittle cannabis.

Now you can enjoy the candy flavour!

Zootly Candy CBD Lollies!

So now that you know we stock these amazing candies, the only decision left is how many you want!

You can choose 20 or just one!

Now, go forth and enjoy!

Words by: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and excited to enjoy his candies!

z00tly says: “Please can someone throw some lollies into my tree!”

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