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The Peach & Moon Range has arrived! We’re over the moon…

The Zootly team is super excited to stock Peach & Moon products online and in store!

We knew we had to stock them in our cannabis store the first time Chris and Derek tried out their Healing Hemp Cream.

When you meditate, surf, and do mountain hikes as often as I have in my lifetime there’s a time where you need to take care of your skin. And this Healing Hemp Cream does wonders.

Says, Derek Hewlett, Glowing Owner of Zootly and Outdoors Man.

It was also the brand’s dedication to providing a quality and environmentally friendly product that caught the eye of the Zootly team.

But a little more about this exciting brand!

Who and What are Peach & Moon all about!

Peach & Moon are a family-run business based in the Mother City, like Zootly. But when they say Cape Town what they mean is they all live on a majestic farm high in the Groot Winterhoek Mountains.

Think nature springs, fresh mountain air, and in the winter it can snow. So, basically, paradise!

On their farm they also keep bees, grow organic olives, and herbs, and make essential oils.

But it’s their love, and belief, that sealed the deal between the family and the Zootly guys.

Honestly, I thought that CBD was just a “hippie gimmick” but the more I investigated the more scientific research I uncovered, and eventually I saw the results with my own eyes! It’s amazing stuff!

Says, Matthew Brown, Co-Owner of Peach & Moon Organics

And finally, a huge motivation for starting the company was due to the fact that Brown and his partner were looking for alternative treatments for Parkinson’s to help a sick relative.

And then there is their mission statement:

Do no harm

The Peach & Moon family subscribe to the first law of medicine – which is do no harm.


As you’d expect they respect the scientific method. Which means there’s no false promises on their website or on the packages.


They are dedicated to providing a product that sticks to a gold standard of quality in the organic cannabis food and health industry of South Africa.

Speaking about this quality, you have to hear where their CBD comes from.

Peach & Moon’s CBD Comes From Holland?

All of Peach & Moon’s CBD is imported from the Netherlands, and in South Africa, is exclusive to their company. Thus Zootly stocking their product.

This CBD is tested in biotechnology lab to ensure they can make promises in the good faith. It’s also a full spectrum plant extract, which means there are additional cannabinoids in the mix.

Namely, CBDV, CBG, CBC, THCV, d8-THC, and some d9-THC. If those ABCs get your head spinning, you can read what they are – here.

Peach & Moon also stock water soluble CBD, as well as pet CBD, which, with every purchase, the family business donates R5 to DARG.

We think that’s rather nice. As the regular writer for this website has a dog from DARG and donates to them on a regular basis. Anyway, after stocking up on everything cannabis here, go and make a donation.

Because it’s rad.

Right! This is an announcement blog!

We are excited to have Peach & Moon’s range of products online and in-store. From the people who we deal with to the products themselves, we love what they do so much, we stock them in our shop. That’s our stamp of approval.

Concludes, Chris Landman, Co-Owner of Zootly.

z00tly says: “I’m so glad that we stock Peach & Moon’s stuff. Like it’s my go-to gift pack for all my chicks…”

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, gardener, writer, and fan of DARG.

From the zootly Shop

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