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Cannabis South Africa Laws

What’s Legally Happening With Cannabis in South Africa?

It’s 2020 and South Africa is currently reviewing a new draft Cannabis Bill.

What does this new draft outline? It’s a more defined guideline around the right of an adult to privacy when possessing and cultivating cannabis.

Also, this bill would expunge criminal records of persons convicted of possession or use of marijuana.

South Africans can actually make their own suggestions (submissions) about the changes they want made by 09 October on Friday the end of November 2020 [deadline extended]!

What you’ll need to do is indicate you have an interest in making a submission, and then sending this inquiry to Mr. V Ramaano.

You can send an email to [email protected].

For those keen to make a submission, you can learn more, here.

The general feedback and news reports around the bill say that it is disappointing and many label it too restrictive. After all, with the booming cannabis industry just waiting to get going…

I mean, you’re reading this! Anyway! Let’s get to it shall we!

Cannabis Possession in South Africa

Cannabis South Africa Possession rules.

It’s still illegal to smoke or possess cannabis if you are under the age of 18. So, no joints for the youngsters, feel like we shouldn’t need to say this!

And how much can you possess? Well you can:

  • possess an unlimited quantity of cannabis seeds or seedlings;
  • have four flowering cannabis plants per adult, if you have a partner in the home you can double up and have eight plants;
  • you can have 100g of dagga on your person in public for personal use.
  • and if you’re in your home, you can store 600g of marijuana, or a total of 1.2kg for a household.

What’s too much cannabis? You’ve got too much when:

  • you’re growing six plants and have 12 in total at the home;
  • 200g of dagga on your person in public;
  • and if you have stored away at your home over 1.5kgs (and only 800g if you live alone).

If you have an excessive amount in your possession, you will be charged as a drug trafficker.

AKA, the job title mothers are least impressed by: Drug Dealer.

There is a sliding scale, as the amounts increase the worse the charge gets.

Now that we have the facts…

What Happens Next?

Cannabis South Africa Questions.

Currently, this isn’t the law, it’s just a draft. The final Act (or law) will be called the Cannabis for Private Purposes Act, 2020.

We know, that’s super catchy!

And it only comes into operation on the date that the President stamps it into law (or it is ‘Gazetted’).

But first, the lawmakers need some additional suggestions. Then they can make changes to other acts, such as the National Road Traffic Act, 1996, or what they charge drunk drivers with.

For us, we would like to have seen an opening of the commercial market, and an outlining of some more economic opportunities.

Because, we’re in the business!

In the meanwhile, we’re going to have to wait a little longer.

Words By: Andrew Macfarlane, writer, gardener, and legal cannabis fan.

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