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Zootly Ceramic Weed Grinder

Why Zootly’s Ceramic Weed Grinders are Better

It’s a pretty bold statement, but Zootly’s Ceramic Weed Grinders are just better than everything else on the market. But why are our grinders the best?

Let’s jump into it shall we!

Here’s The Reason Why Our Ceramic Weed Grinders Are The BEST!

By simply looking at our Zoot Grinder range, you’ll be filled with feelings of desire and longing. They’re honestly the classiest, most sophisticate, exclusive, and stylish grinders.

Created and machined from the best quality aluminium, all the joins are tight. And the aluminium means you won’t break them when grinding through any cannabis crop you’ve grown.

For those wondering why these are called ceramic weed grinders, its actually the coating of the grinder.

It is non-stick and sprayed onto the aluminium surface. This means nothing sticks to the surfaces of the grinder, and if you’re dealing with exceptionally sticky stuff, this is a major bonus.

So, none of your flower will get stuck in the corners of the grinding teeth!

Speaking about the teeth, the rounded teeth on our grinders allow for a finer milling of your flower.

And finally, as you’d expect, they come with a great magnetic lids that easily snap into place.

Sort of like magic.

And finally, we sometimes include an amazing, fine pollen screen with a scraper.

Now let’s discuss the various grinders we stock.

What Grinders We Stock!

We’re all about offering you options. Let’s first focus on our big-bad-boy Zoot Grinder Ceramic 4 piece. The 4 piece come in five different colours:

There is also a range of 4 piece grinders made from aircraft grade aluminium & 2 piece Zoot Grind that offers the same quality as the 4 but is more compact, for those looking to grind herb on the go.

And these 2 piece grinders have amazing local artists’ designs on them. You can read more about these artists here.

While some of you will still be reaching for your favourite scissors, remember these will clog over time, and the expensive ones loosen their edge pretty quickly.

So, go forth and buy your best Zootly Ceramic Grinder!

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