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After Party

Zootly Cannabis Cup 2021 After Party! It’s So Secret That No One Knows Where It’s Happening!

Look at that calendar! Time is flying by! And now it is time for the Zootly’s Cannabis Cup 2021 After Party! Yes, it’s time to get down and let loose, after all those months in the grow room.

So, what do we have planned for the night?

Well… let’s talk about the venue!

The After Party venue for the night!

So, while we can’t share the location of this rooftop party…

All you need to know is – IT’S A SECRET!

But let’s play a guessing game! Zootly’s team have kept their freelance writer in the dark… HE WRITES TOO MUCH!

It could be this one:

Or maybe this one?

Maybe this one?

But honestly – it’s not any of these – WE’RE seriously underground.

Also we’ve promised cocktails!

Yes, pretty pink drinks!


And any of these flashed in the Gif above!

But now, let’s give a few words to the DJs!

The Zootly Cannabis Cup’s After Party DJs and MORE!

So, there will be three sets on the night, and here is the schedule!

Let’s give you a taster!

Starting off the evening is UncleDaddy, laying it down and getting the vibe going!

Or as our emailer put it:

“The brainchild of Re.Dah and Bouy this deadly duo will be joining forces to bring us the 1st of our 3, slick and sexy Back2backs, just how we like it!

Well versed in the Cape Town scene, Their aggressive approach to House Music has seen them fill up dance-floors with a quickness and ability to weave tracks together, always keeping the ship steady.”

Then the middle of the night is being tee’d off by Barista X Piá! Or as the emailer put it…

The Brass Knuckle Duo, when these two are on the decks they pack a seriously powerful punch! Multi-genre artists with a curiosity for electronic music, expect a sound that is ever changing and adapting.

A Versatile DJ Combo that is comfortable in just about any environment. Between the pair they Have played some of Cape Town’s most well respected events, such as Smalltown Beat and Future Frequency Festival, as well as Champagne and Database at Mødular and the ol’ Camp St party.

Barista is also a co-founder to local event brands PRISM and Pop Up, which embody the multi-faceted nature of his music approach.”

And the closing act (we doubt we’ll be done) is Nativesound X VAT69. Once again, referring to the emailer,

A powerful combo, Nativesound and Vat69 have found themselves rocking dancefloors since the very beggining. Co-founding events such as Small Town Beats and Forgotten Culture, which are now deeply rooted in the hearts of many, its safe to say they’re ready to rock your socks off! Residencies at Mødular Club stand as a true testament to what these boys can do. Expect an elegant blend of house, breakbeat and minimal sounds masterfully!

Amongst these amazing sounds, just dancing across the sound waves, will be acrobats.

Who they are is a mystery… Once again, it’s a secret. Pretty sure it’s our local influencer, RocknJennaRoll

Then again, she is a pole dancer. So, don’t think she’ll be doing acrobatics…

(*This writing brief was rather lacking information – cause it’s a secret… Like if you subscribed to our emailer you’d get this information before the writer…)

They tell me nothing. So, once again it is a guessing game.

So, with loads of cannabis enthusiasts around it’s fair to say that this event will have food!

And again, this delicious food is a secret.

But if the owners of Zootly’s are deciding on the menu, trust us it’ll be good. They never get milk from anywhere except Woolies! That’s the type of people we’re dealing with! Fancy taste buds!


So, we can only guess again…

Anyway! This is a secret, cannabis, rooftop party with cocktails, food, acrobats, and DJs. WHAT ELSE DO YOU NEED?

Like, it’s going to be rad! Now, all you need to do is book a ticket to the most amazing surprise, secret After Party of the decade!

But honestly, the biggest attraction of this event is meeting fellow growers and other cannabis industry giants. Who all want to collaborate and create a stronger future for the industry and more!

Hope to see you guys there!

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