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Zootly Dairies #12: 2020, From Cannabis Greatness To COVID-19 In The Balls!

The year begins with a bang and is filled with cannabis promise… 

Chris and I go on a business trip to Johannesburg. 

Do You Have A License? 

After arrival, we both realise neither of us is in possession of a valid drivers’ license. Before we start to twiddle our thumbs and take a seat at the Airport Brewery, we make a plan. And eventually, we rope in Chris’s mate, Mark, to help us out. 

On this trip, we follow up on all the connections we made at the Sandton Cannabis Expo, and meet most of the cannabis influencers in the business.

They are, to say the least, an interesting bunch all trying to make a living in the cannabis business.

We form a great foundation for establishing a network. There are loads of head shops opening in Egoli.

But, what we discover is that the cannabis market is becoming a competitive arena. We still feel like we’re punching way above our weight and believe we can deliver products with a true bang.

There are a few places we visit where the legal lines are blurred, and we are curious as to the legality of these ventures…  

As we sit on the plane back home, we’re happy that the Zootly products are gaining interest and traction. 

Spannabis and Cape Town’s Cannabis Expo!

Both Jan and Feb have shown promise with Zootly’ s turnover. This means we are able to buy the odd lunch.

We can officially say, our efforts in 2019 are beginning to show rewards. 

Chris and I are excited about going to Spain. For Spannabis, the biggest cannabis expo in Europe. We spend hours pre-arranging meetings with various European cannabis players.

At the same time, we are both extremely excited for the double stand we have booked at the Cape Town Expo.

We build the extra stands for Cape Town Expo, pay in full to get our deposit, and have the interior of the stand designed and manufactured.

Zootly is gonna be a hit. We have now arrived…

F#*KING 2020!

I leave for the Spannabis Expo ten days early to go via Portugal on some business.

At the same time, back at home, the boys are preparing for the Cape Town Expo. Doing the final manufacturing and stock purchases. 

While in Portugal, the news of the Coronavirus intensifies. It’s now spreading across Europe like wildfire. I can feel the heat. 

A day before Spannabis the World Health Organisation declares COVID-19 a pandemic. Flights to Spain are cancelled and I come home. I lose my hotel fare in Spain, but at least I didn’t get stuck in quarantine. 

On arrival back in South Africa the country is in a panic.

Everyone is talking about Corona. As you’ll know the government moves rapidly and bans gatherings of more than 100 people.

The Cape Town Expo is cancelled, and now we have poured money into a stand that won’t see the light of day until things sort of return to normal. So, whenever that is. 

And on 21 March, 2020, the country goes into lockdown.

Our physical shop is closed, but we’re able to do some deliveries of CBD during Stage 5 lockdown, and then in Stage 4, more items

It’s tough work. But our freelance writer teaches us how to use Zoom. Also, the boys are staying safe and keep on truckin on, packing items for delivery.

We do what we can. If you’re in the mood for a new hobby… indoor cannabis growing is the thing to do! Well, you could also brew pineapple beer… but it’s dangerous and has killed people already.

Guess smoking your own supply is safer? 

From the zootly Shop

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