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Dry Herb Vaporizer

Best Vapes You Can Buy In Cape Town – Or Anywhere!

Right, you’re bound to be looking through tonnes of Google pages, reading reviews, and thinking…

“Gosh, what vape should I buy?” 

Well, your research is over as we’ve compiled what we believe to be the best vapes on the market. 

Quality Hits With AirVape XS GO

If you are looking for a dry herb vaporizer that looks #hot, then the AirVape XS GO is for you! 

With its minimalistic styling and ergonomic grip, you’ll be tempted to just stare at it. 

It’s also super simple to use, like, it has a one-button control. 

The AirVape XS GO also comes with five preset temperatures, a ceramic chamber, and magnetic lid.  

Then, it also has a beautiful LED metre to show you temperature and battery life. Speaking about the battery, it is a 1200mAh unit that is fast-charging, taking 45-minutes to fully charge. 

It also can be charged by pass-through charging, so you can charge it on a charging pad, or in your pocket. 

For the forgetful, it has a 3-minute automatic shut-off timer. Now, this baby goes from unburnt herb to lit in 20 seconds

Get That Tiny DaVinci MIQRO Vaporizer Vaping 

This is the smallest battery-operated vaporizer currently on the market. We’ll tell you if there’s any smaller one released. 

The DaVinci MIQRO has an innovative, all-zirconium ceramic vapour path and mouthpiece, which, according to their website, allows for the purest vapour you’ll ever taste.

It also has three pre-set control settings, called SMART PATHS. As they say on their website: “Craft your own experience through 3 distinct control options”.

Then, it also has a removable 18350 battery, so you can have two batteries, and charge one while vaping. 

And finally, the adjustable oven chamber means you can consume up to 50% less herb. This makes the DaVinci MIQRO perfect for micro-dosing. 

First-Class Vaping With PAX3 Full-Kit Vaporizer

While we rate the PAX3 highly, they also refer to themselves as the ultimate portable cannabis vaporizer for dry herb and extracts.

Since we stock it, we have to agree. 

It boasts a 22-second heat-up time and a conduction oven that evenly heats the flower. 

Like the others on this list, PAX3 has highly adjustable temperature controls and works with one button. 

BUT, if you are a vaper that often can’t figure out if the vape is vaporising, the PAX3 has a vibration notification to tell you it’s working. 

Also, did we mention that it came with its own app? Yeah, but unfortunately the Apple store removed it from its App Store.

Easy to Clean G Pen Pro Vaporizer

We can tell you about the G Pen Pro’s large ceramic heating chamber and the fact it heats up in under 30 seconds, but if you like cleanliness this is the vaporiser for you. 

G Pen Pro is super easy to maintain with its removable silicone mouthpiece cover and aluminium body. 

Feel like with COVID-19 floating around this might be the pen to use.

Another feature worth mentioning is its 0.25gram heating chamber. 

Once again this is a single button operation pen and has three variable temperature settings.  

Vapium Lite Vaporizer Is All About The Price 

Right, we recently reduced the price on this baby from R1,550 to R1350. If you’re looking at switching over from bong and joint smoking, this is the vaporizer to use. 

At six inches tall, or 15.24cm because you’re not American, it also easily fits in most pockets. 

Something that makes the Vapium Lite Vaporizer unique is that it has the temperatures printed on the device so there’s no guesswork. 

Also, it comes with a spare air intake drawer, integrated stirring tool, and cleaning brush. 

G Pen Dash Is User Friendly 

This dry herb vaporizer is super easy to use, even a flat earther could operate it – as it has one button. 

G Pen Dash fits nicely into the palm of your hand delivering intense heat through a glass-glazed stainless steel heating chamber.

It has three preset temperature settings indicated by different coloured LEDs. Blue is 190º, Green is 205º and Red is 220º.

The G Pen Dash delivers amazing flavours with every hit, thanks to its clean air source via an integrated pathway system.

And finally, it has a magnetically attached mouthpiece, this allows for easy disassembly for cleaning.

It’s what you’d expect from a user-friendly vape. 

G Pen Elite The Spacecraft Of The Vape World

If Elon Musk whipped out a dry herb vaporizer it would be the G Pen Elite. This vaporizer has a full LED display that shows temperature control as well as a battery indicator.

With a premium product comes high end features allowing for the temperature to be adjusted by single degrees between 93℃ – 220℃. So for those who want to experiment with low, slow vaporizations, and get into those flavours – get the G Pen Elite. 

Also, the G Pen Elite has the largest fully ceramic vaporization chamber on the market which is 16 cubic centimetres. 

And because we’ve said it is spacecraft how fast does it take to lift off? 0-to desired temperature in 30 seconds!

So, if you see yourself naming your child X Æ A-Xii then this is the vaporizer for you! 

So there you go, the top vapes available in Cape Town and South Africa. 

Words By:Andrew Macfarlane, writer and gardener.
Zootly Says:“Yeah, I’m all about the old school feel of a bubbling bong.” 

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